New app and why the users modify my app

Hi all, thanks for your time. I’ve just one issue.
I’ve created and published (public with email) a budget app. Now all the users that login still modifyin my app. Using my data sheet.

There is a way to create a data sheet for a personal use of each users? So all the users can use the app indipendently.


When you say they are modifying “My App”, do you mean the data in your profile?

If that’s the case, you can fix that in two ways:

  • First way is to apply row owners to your User Profile table. This is the most secure, and will ensure that each user can only see and edit their own data.
  • The second way is by applying an edit condition (email is signed in user).

Some recommended reading:


Hi Darren,

Thanks, yes! All the users (all use the same link to login) are modifying the data of the same app. As example when they set-up the total budget this changes in all apps.

Based on your experience what solution do you recommend (first or second)? Do you have a step by step tutorial I can follow?

Thanks a lot,

It depends.
Do you want your users to be able to see the data that belongs to other users, but not edit it?
Or should every users data be kept private to themselves?

If the data needs to be kept private to each user, then using row owners is the correct approach.
@Robert_Petitto has some excellent tutorials on this topic, you’ll find them in the #tutorials section.

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Hi thanks again.

Yes exactly, each user must have their own private app. As happens in the app of the classic stores. Everyone uses it on his behalf without affecting others.

I need to create a private app for each user. As example when i log-in and modify the budget this action modify the budget in all of the app, also the app used from the other user. This must not happen. Each user must edit their own app and have their own excel sheets in their drive.

If you really want each user to have their own separate version of the App that’s connected to their own data source, then that would mean that every user will need their own Glide Team account, and you’ll have to make copies of the App, move the copies into each users team, and then change the data source. That’s an awful lot of work for you, especially if you have a lot of users.

A better way is to have one App, but keep each users data separate using Row Owners.

The way to prevent this is to have a separate budget for each user, and again keep each private with row owners. This is quite a big topic, and not something you can learn in a few minutes, or that I can describe in a few minutes. The advice I will give you is to watch a few tutorials, and learn a bit more about how Glide works.