User data conquering other users' data

Hi, my name’s Rubel. I’m building my first app, and having a helluva time with it. My biggest problem is with switching between “view as” users. Certain profiles just totally dominate others. I’ll click on a name, and a different profile and email address will appear! Then when I look at the data editor, and Google sheet, most of one users data is gone! It’s been replaced with another user’s data. All but the name. I had this problem yesterday, so I tried to start over. I deleted all the data I could, but there was still some left. Could that be the problem? Oh, because I couldn’t totally delete all the information on one sheet, I tried to just start clean on a second sheet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Probably the first thing you should take a look at is Row Owners:

With that enabled, you can be sure that each user can only see and edit their own data.


Can you show us some screenshots of how you’re setting it up?

It’s not a lot of Not even real profiles. I thought I sent this last night!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I really think it’s acting up because I started with the air b and b template, with a lot of information. It made it too difficult to emulate the tutorial. So I tried, unsuccessfully, to clear all the data. I might just need a new Google sheet. I tried by just starting on a second Google sheet page, but I still had the same problems.

What @Darren_Murphy says is true, probably row owners is enabled. And what do you mean that data disappears. Also if you modify any data on the spreadsheet, make sure you refresh glide

Thank you, Darren. I guess my problem is that I have some users editing other users’ data. Shouldn’t Row Owners be a given? Do we ever want users editing other users’ information? I’ll try it, though. Thank you.

Thank you. I’ll try that.

Row Owners might be useful for some cases, but not for cases, let’s say a community app where you want other users to see a list of people who are using the app. The editing part lies on the builder’s setup, specifically whether you have entry components/edit access available to other users.

I’m building a tutoring app. I would like for my tutors to be able to see the other tutors’ profiles. Also, the students HAVE to be able to see the tutors’ profiles. If I use Row Owners, does that mean that no one will be able to see anyone else’s profile?

Yes, correct.

Is there any private info within the profiles that you wouldn’t want all users to have visibility of?
If no, then you can probably dispense with row owners.

Yeah, I just want the user’s data to stick with that user, and stop multiplying, and pushing out the data of other users. I really think the app is acting up because I can’t delete all the data from my Google sheet. Is there any way to just dispose of my current one, and start over with a new one? I really don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, and I think it would work if I could just start with a clean sheet.

Settings -> Data Sync -> Data Sources, you can point your app at a different sheet.

(I’ve never actually done this myself, but I assume that it works as expected).

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If I choose my own gmail account, I go back to my app. Could I just create a new gmail account?:thinking:

Yes, you could.

But if the goal is to start over with a blank slate, why not just create a new blank sheet in your current (Google) account and point Glide at that?

Getting back to your original problem, I’d suspect it was probably a case of missing or incorrectly applied visibility/filtering settings, or similar. If you were okay to share your app, then myself (or somebody else) could take a look and help you get it sorted. (But not right now, as Glide is in the middle of a major outage)

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Thank you so much, Darren. But now I have so many more How would I go about pointing my app to a different Google sheet? I didn’t even know I could have someone else work on the app with me. How would I go about doing that? And what does the “major outage” mean? Does it mean that no Glide apps are online right now?:scream:

If you make a team/organization then others can work on your app with you, but only one at a time.

Yes, I believe it’s the biggest outage since they went live but they’re fixing it.


Where do I find team/organization?

On your Glide Dashboard…

  • Create a team
  • Move your app to that team
  • Then you can invite others to collaborate on your app
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Thank you so much for your help, Mr. Murphy. The guy who does the tutorials I follow told me that deleting rows is fine, but deleting columns will cause problems. So I’ve started a whole new app, with a whole new Google sheet! :grin: I got one with no template, like I’ve always I don’t expect to have the same problems with this one. I guess I’m going to have to delete the last one. Is that pretty easy?

Yes, you can delete any apps you no longer want/need from the dashboard (click on the 3 dots on the app icon). Then just bin the underlying Google Sheet and all traces will be gone.

Good luck with your new app. If you need any pointers there are plenty of helpful folk here that will steer you in the right direction.