Glide security with data visibility in community app

I want to create a community app that only allows users to see data of people they’ve confirmed are allowed to follow them. So the scenario would be: as a user, I want data in a column seen ONLY by the people I allow to follow me. If I understand correctly, I can’t use the users table w/ row owners because then only I would be able to see the data. But if I store it in a regular column, could someone savvy enough download and see all of the data? How can I secure it so only the users accepted to “follow” another user have access to the shared data?

Thank you

Yes, if you don’t use Row Owners/Roles then someone can do that.

The only way I can think of is use Google Sheets as a base, then have 2 separate sheets for users and confirmed follows.

Bring back the list of confirmed followers for each row in the users table using a byrow function, then use a split arrayformula + a header arrayformula to create the array of row owners dynamically.