Working with Row Owner

I am having an issue understanding how to work with the row owner.

I have users with profile photos and want to make the photos visible to other users so I have another table that references all the photos through a relation table, but I can’t show photos to other users?

How can I pull data and share if the user is not a row owner on the original row?

If your app is using Google Sheets, you can make a read only copy of those columns in your User Profiles sheet that you want to make public, using an arrayformula

Row Owners will only ever download rows to the device that belong to the signed in user, so even though you have a relation to that sheet, if that data isn’t downloaded, it still will not be accessible if it doesn’t belong to the signed in user.

Row Owners are used to keep data secure and private by not downloading it to a user’s device if it doesn’t belong to them. If you want that data to be accessible to other users, then Row Owners may not be a good solution for what you want.

You would need to remove Row Owners and use filters instead as long as there is no data in the sheet that needs to be kept secure and private. Otherwise like @Darren_Murphy mentioned, you can create a duplicate of the profile sheet with only the data you need and use that whenever you need it for publicly accessible data.


Thanks, i will try that!

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