Getting Started with "Private Data"

I’m finding this tutorial to me missing a ton of detail: Row Owners

It shows the concept of having a public directory and then a private tab using data from two different sheets in the same workbook. I followed the instructions using ARRAYFORMULA to mirror the public data (call that Sheet 2). Sheet 1 has all their private data (like date of birth).

The piece that’s missing is how (or if it’s even possible) to allow someone to update THEIR specific (non-public) data in Sheet 1. Is there a tutorial for this? I don’t see any documentation on how to enable this for a specific user. Is this even possible…to allow a specific user to only update their data in Sheet 1 AND have it update what’s actually in Google sheets? Or is google sheets just a starting point and they don’t stay synced.

I’ve tried with roles and owners in Sheet 1 and thing just disappear even when I select the right user in the builder. No idea where to go from here. Any guidance would be helpful.

When you apply Row owners to a table, sometimes the data will disappear and you simply need to refresh your browser for it to reappear. Data doesn’t go missing. It’s just a quirkiness in how the builder will display all data, even if you are not the row owner, but in reality, unowned rows would not be downloaded to a usercs device.

What you want is totally possible. If it’s a user profile table and you have user profiles configured (pointing to sheet 1), then normally you can just open the user profile from the app or page and you can add entry components directly on that screen, or you can enable an edit screen for them to edit their personal data.

If you have a separate profile tab and an all user tab, then you can point the profile tab to sheet 1 and the all user tab to sheet 2.

Sheet 1 would have row owners applied. Sheet 2 would not.

It should be a pretty basic setup. If you are stuck somewhere, it might help to see some screenshots of your configuration and how you have your data and screens set up.


I’m using one of the basic templates and I have a “home” screen showing all people coming from my Public sheet. When you click on a person, it opens a detailed view of that person (showing all columns from that user). So far so good.

What I need to have happen is that only the person that owns that profile can update that data.

But that detailed data pulls from the public sheet, so it’s also missing data I’d like them to update (say, birthdate).

So, what would be the set up to allow a person to click into that detailed profile and only update their own? That’s where I’m stuck.

Wait…I think I have it all now. The detailed profile is showing data from my public sheet and I had to add a “Me” tab that pulls from and updates the Private sheet. Witchcraft.

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