Create User Profile in Sheet with Row Owners

Hey everyone,

I working on an app that allows users to create a profile (which is linked to a listing). The app is public + email. I am running into a few issues and wondering if anybody can help.

I am unable to view all users at once (i.e. when they sign up and complete the onboarding process, their information does not show up in the “Users” sheet that I created in the data editor (even when I select ‘show all data’)… even though the text fields all point to this “Users” sheet/row. Is this normal? I would like to have a user sign up, and be able to view their information as an admin.

I have row owners turned on so that the contact information of each user is kept private to make things more secure… but as an admin I need access to this information in order to be in touch with the users, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions!


Update: I realized that somehow my “Row ID” column got deleted… so we’re good now! Crisis averted (haha)!