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I am experimenting with row owner thanks to @Robert_Petitto’s video…I noticed that once it is activated, as expected other’s details cannot be displayed. To do that I need to copy over to new sheet “public” info I wanted to display. However, if there are changes in the main sheet (Users), then it will not be reflected over in the copied sheet. Is there a way to overcome this?

I have tried using relations to do lookups to pull the data over to new sheet, but it will not allowed data to be displayed at all. Can glide consider to change rule so that if we do lookups to pull data to “unprotected” sheet, then we should be able to display. In this way, whatever change is made to the original sheet, then it is reflected.

Hi @Mns_Glide.
Hi. You can declare more than one owner thanks to the row owner, for example the user who only has access to his row, and the administrator who owns all the rows.
Row owners function is one of the best security features.

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thanks @Roldy

may not work in my case as I wanted to display certain items for all to see (public info)…if I add in an admin column then make the admin row owner, then admin can see, but other people won’t be able to see those “public” info. Unless I miss something.

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You have the right idea here, but instead of making a one off copy, you should create a dynamic read-only copy that will track changes in the main Users sheet. You can do that using either arrayformulas or query formulas. Here is an example using arrayformulas:


The above would go in cell A1 in your Public Users sheet, and then repeat that for each column that you need to make public.


thanks @Darren_Murphy . I am using Glide table to take advantage of the speed.

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oh, in that case you might be stuck.
This is one reason why I always use a Google Sheet for my User Profiles.


Reviewing the data structure of your App, if possible, could you think to keep public data separate from private ones in two differents tables?

Yes. I have done that by doing a copy process. It is working fine. Now I have same data independently. my concern is that when they edit their data in main User table, I need to find a way to trigger the copy process again which Murphy had shown via Google sheets. But I am using Glide Tables to optimise speed as that is also critical.

I am trying to find a way to trigger table update “ON submission” of edited data. I think it will work. Just need to try it.

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Try, it will work.