How to make multiple row owners?

Hi Community,

I want to have multiple row owners, but when I follow the guide on Glide Documentation page, it doesn’t work…

Can anyone help me out, or point me in the right direction?

How did you create the array column?

The only way to use an array column as a Row Owner is if it is created in a connected Google Sheet. Or (I think) an AirTable base or Excel sheet.

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Ah damn, I made the array column in Glide with “Make Array”

Yes, that won’t work. You can’t use computed columns as Row Owners.
This is because computed columns are calculated on each users device after all data has been downloaded. So applying Row Owners at that point would be like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted :wink:


That makes sense haha!

So i need to connect a separate google sheet/Airtable, with users - To use this function?

Yes. Either that or have multiple row owner columns.

I’ll try to work with that :slight_smile:
Is there any way to make it dynamic, so future added users can get access, without me having to add them manual to all “old” rows?

If you’re using a Google Sheet, then probably the easiest way is with an arrayformula.
As a general rule I try to avoid sheet formulas, but this is one case where it makes sense.

If you have an onboarding flow, then another option would be to have a button at the end of the onboarding that does a set column values on the user profile row (setting the appropriate row owner values).