Unable to set an Array column as row owner

Hey all !
I’m starting my 2nd day on Glide, I love the product but I’m struggling on a few topics,
I understand how row owners work, I also noticed we can now have multiple row owners in an Array column…but this doesn’t seem to work for me for any reason:

I have a Glide Table called “Shopping List Owners” that contains Name, Owner 1, Owner 2, Owner 3 and Owner 4 (Owner columns are Email values),

I created another Glide column called Owners by making an Array out of Owner 1, Owner 2, Owner 3 and Owner 4

But I’m unable to set this Array as Row Owner

Understanding this might help me for my other issues :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help !!

Computed columns cannot be Row Owners.

This is because the computations take place locally on each users device. So in order for a computed column to be a Row Owner, all data would need to be downloaded to the device first, and then Row Owners applied. Which would defeat the purpose - a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted :wink:

From your screen shots, I see that you have each Email column individually set as a Row Owner, so even if you could set the array column as a Row Owner, that would be redundant.

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the best practice is to always have Google Sheets as a base, you can create an array over there without struggling… use arrayformula or simply make column names the same with numbering… Glide will read them as an array…

and you can use it for row owner purposes

Hey @Darren_Murphy thanks for the answer !

This is what I originally understood too, but I was looking at this page from the Glide documentation

I might misunderstand something here :sweat:

Actually, maybe there is a better approach for what I’m trying to do here.

  • I have this “Shopping List” Table (coming from Airtable)
  • When I create a new user, I use his email in a Row Owner column so he can only access some specific Shopping List rows
  • Then I want this user to be able to give access by himself to other emails that would then be added as additional row owners (I thought I’d use here the array column to add new emails as row owners from 1 email entry instead of having to deal with N different Owners column
  • Cherry on the Cake: if the emails entered by the first user could be hidden or anonymized from the admins that would be MARVELOUS !!

For the context, my app is Public with email sign in required

Wow that’s so cool, I think I read it somewhere but I fully understand now thanks !
The thing is that I’m afraid to overcomplicate my system by adding a new Google Sheet source since I already use Airtable as my source base :face_with_spiral_eyes:.

What would you do in this situation where you have a customer that is already is Airtable, would you consider another tool than Glide ? Would you clone all relevant data into Google Sheet ? Or simply stay with Airtable even with the known limitations…
Would be super interesting to know your point of view

The documentation is a bit out of date, and is referring to Array columns that are automatically created by Glide from Google Sheet columns that are set up in a specific way (as per Uzo’s example). Technically, these are not computed columns.

As to the rest of your challenge, give me a little while to digest that and think about it.

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Ok that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks @Darren_Murphy
For the challenge, please don’t spend too much time on it, it’s just very interesting for me to discuss with more experienced people,
I sometimes find it difficult to find relevant up to date info in Google

I do not use Air tables, I need freedom of google services lol… so I cant help with that… there is nothing more powerful than Google, so if possible, I would convince my users to move to GS