Row Owners from Array


I really want to be able to make multiple emails Row Owners, without using 1 column per email. For example I want to make 30 emails a Row Owner, but without creating a column for each.

Is there a hack to create, for example, a comma separated list as an array that Glide will recognise and allow the Row Owner feature on? I’ve tried turning a list into an array with Make Array but Glide wont accept a computed column for Row Owner.

My project is an app with private listings. A user uploads their listing and choses which other user to share that listing with. I’ve done it with columns in Google Sheets, but I want to re-build it into Glide Tables and go beyond using columns per email. Somehow using a hack with Make/Integromat to feed emails into one column array that can be used for Row Owners. I hope this makes sense…

I saw in a previous post by Jeff Hager that “The only type of array that can have row owners applied is one that is build using the sequential numbering method. This is a bit of a hack method, and the array is actually computed server side instead of client side. For that reason, you can apply row owners to that type of array.”

I would very much like to know what this method is?

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Many of us wish this was possible with Glide Tables, but I’m afraid that it isn’t.

The method that is described in the post that you linked to does not work with Glide Tables.


What a pity. Thank you for your response.

Then could I instead use Roles, with one Role being the listing? So that every email that the listing was shared privately with had a role as ‘Listing 1’. Obviously I’d hit my Private User cap pretty quickly, but in principle would this work?

You could, but there is a caveat… and that is that you would be limited to one role per user.

This is another limitation of Glide Tables. Officially, Glide supports up to 9 roles per user, but the only way to configure that in your User Profiles configuration is to use a non-computed array column for your Roles. And as there is no way to create a non-computed array column in a Glide Table, we are stuck.

Sorry to be the harbinger of more bad news, but I’ve been around this merry go-around many times…

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Thank you. Glad to see I’m not the only one who needs this! I’ll have to rethink the setup, or get busy with many columns…

Just a thought - if up to 9 Roles per user would satisfy your use case, then what you could do is keep a Google Sheet for your User Profiles, and convert everything else to Glide Tables.

This would allow you to setup the required array column for your Roles. However, you would still need to use something like Make for assigning Roles to users.

Just thinking out loud what if the extra columns to hold the roles were in the listings table? E.g. everyone has access to listing 1 but one user should have access to listing 1 and listing 2… we change that users role to Group1 and add it to the second row owner column in the listings table.

Maybe there are more permutations this way so it’s not a good idea :man_shrugging:… but it only needs one role column in the users table :wink: