Row Owners / Allowable Column Types


I’m having some issues with being able to make row owners from anything other than a plain ’text’ column with a single email address per column.

I’ve been reviewing the ‘row owners’ doc here>. GLIDE Row Owners Documentation

I have a lot of production data, each row having a customer, and therefore in my portal (My Glide Pages app), each row needs to have its own owner. A customer may have 3 or 4 users, plus there are 4 users internally here which need to be made row owners for admin. That’s a lot of columns, and would have to be manually updated if there was ever a customer that needed more than the 3 or 4 users, or we added users internally as that would mean having to create new columns each time.

Now, the documentation says that I can create an array for the row owners. I was having issues, so I figured that it would be because I was using a google sheet, and therefore there was somethign funky going on. So I’ve been playing around and found that the same thing applies when I’m in a Glide Table. I’ve made relationships to the company, lookedup their email addresses, even then made an array of those email addresses as per the documentation, but I never get a ‘make row owner’ option.

Is there something that I’m just overlooking, or has something changed and the documentation isn’t quite up-to-date?

Thanks all!

Yeah, you can’t use computed columns as row owners.
This is because computed columns are calculated on each users device after all data has been downloaded. So applying row owners at that point would be like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted :slight_smile:

The only exception to the above is an array column that is created in a connected data source (eg. Google Sheets). The way to do that is to create a series of sequentially numbered columns, eg. Owner 1, Owner 2, Owner 3, etc. Glide will see those as an array, and you can apply row owners to that column.

For your use case, it sounds like a better option might be to use Roles as row owners. That would be a lot easier to manage, as you could assign a single role to multiple users and then use that role as a row owner. The only downside with that is that any users that are assigned a role would be counted as private users. So there is a cost implication, which would need to be considered.

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It would be nice if we just had an “array” basic column type. It would work like the “rich text” column where you would edit plain text, comma separated but the end result is an array. It would be editable using text entry.



Absolutely - this would also allow you to define and assign multiple Roles per user, which currently isn’t possible when using Native Tables.

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