How can I use the row owner with multiple emails?

I am trying to have a row with 2 or more Row Owner in Glide Pages but I can’t find the way, can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

You can set any non-computed column as a row owner, and you can have multiple row owner columns.

What have you tried that hasn’t worked?

I have tried this as a first solution, but it doesn’t work.

Hello, thank you very much for the answer, could you add a picture?

I have tried with arrays, with lookpups etc. and nothing.

Lookups and arrays are computed columns. They cannot be used as row owners.

The original reply from the bot is misleading - array column as a row owner only works if you are using an external data source such as a Google Sheet. In this case the array column is created in the Google Sheet, so it is not computed.

So, if it has to be non-computed, should I create a column for each email to be added?

I’m not getting it right.

Yes, if your data source is Glide Tables then you would need to do that.

Alternatively, you could use Roles as Row Owners. This can simplify it, however the downside is that any user that you assign a role to will be counted as a private user.

If you can describe your use case in a little detail, perhaps I can advise on the best approach.

Hi Darren,

I give you the following example:

I have an app with 3 tables: users, dealers and stores.

A dealer can have multiple users

One user only belongs to one dealer

A dealer can have multiple stores.

I want that the information of the stores can only be seen by the users that belong to the dealers of those stores.

Okay, so I think the ideal setup for this scenario would be to use the Dealer name as a role.

So in your Users table, you would have a Role column, and each user would have the name of the dealer they “belong” to in that column.

And then in your Stores table, you have a Row Owner column, and for each store you put the name of the dealer in that column that the store belongs to.

However, keep in mind what I said earlier. With this setup, every user will be counted as a private user. So there is a cost consideration.


Thank you very much for your reply!

For this case I think I could work, but it is strange that if I use Google Sheets I can do it without roles and, using Glide Tables, I have to do it with roles.

Do we know if this functionality will be soon in Glide Native?

You could still do it without roles, it would just be very difficult to maintain as you’d need a separate owner column for every user. The same would apply if you were using a Google Sheet, the only difference is that your multiple Google Sheet columns would appear as a single array in the Glide table.

It is not the same since in my user table I have the ID of the dealers table. Therefore, in the dealers table I can make a relation and an array, getting easily all the users that belong to a dealer without having to have a column for each one.

Yes, but that array would be a computed column. And computed columns cannot be used as row owners.

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