Multi row owners column LIKE ARRAY

Hey :slight_smile:
In my opinion, this feature should be added urgently
This will be very helpful for all users
And will really enhance the use of GLIDE
It has a lot of demand from everyone
It will also save everyone a lot of improvisations, time and columns

You can already set multiple columns as row owner.

@David, yes, but he means assign an array as row owners which isn’t possible using native Glide tables.


row owners is probably one of the main reasons we don’t switch from google sheet to glide tables

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Hi david :slight_smile:
No it doesn’t work
Not with: SPLIT TEXT, and not with: ARRAY
row owners

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@Guy_G1 Right. It won’t work because split/make array are computed columns. Row Owners can only be placed on Basic Columns.

This will be the third time I shared this in the past week. Pay attention to the third bullet point in this post. I think for Glide to allow an array to be used for row owners, would require a bit of an overhaul in how glide currently works. Currently it would mean violating data security to allow something meant for data security to work.

I also would be surprised if Glide allowed something like this because it would cut into the use of Roles, and thus marking a user as private, unless they allowed it somehow, while still marking the user as private.

Yes, I understand everything you say
So let’s add something like that
Where and how strong GLIDE is today
In my opinion, you should already get off the USER ROLE section
and let users manage their projects conveniently
and enjoy the power of GLIDE
row owners is a very important and powerful feature for every paying customer
And I don’t think it should be counted or anything
Just to have such an option in the standard of GLIDE TABALE

Yes it can help and improve the use of Glide

I think so too


Something like what, exactly?

I’ve read your post several times, and I still can’t figure out what you are asking for.

What do you mean by this?
You want to get rid of the role feature altogether?
No way. Roles is an invaluable feature of Glide and needs to stay.
In my opinion, the only thing that’s really missing is the ability to assign multiple roles per user when using native (Glide) tables.

Agreed that row owners is an important feature. But what do you mean when you say it shouldn’t be counted? Counted for what?

I was at my son’s wedding when this all went down, and just saw this post, but I think he means that if you use roles, all users with roles are counted as “private users”. I just made a feature request based on another thread that stipulates what I’d like to see happen – that if a role-owner column is empty, it would be visible to all users, or alternately, there could be a value in the role-owner specified column that would enable that record to be seen by all (something like “Global Record”, or somthing.

It can be solved with JSON files… you can have row owners and column owners… and turn them on and off from App UI or any logic column… I’ve been using that for over one year

Not sure how this is any different from filters. Row owners and rolls are implemented on the server side. And I don’t see how you can do that outside of Glide unless you’re managing an external database which I know you like to do.

Even if I knew how to do it that’s way more complex than needed in this scenario and if I wanted to exercise an external solution I’d probably just go with Appgyver or some other hybrid designer. For then I have to manage the firebase myself instead of using Glide tables.

Hi, Uzo!
Really? How?

It can be external or internal… Depending on how you create json

Run javascript through the file , and hide values before parsing or fetching them


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Hi @Robert_Petitto , what if my apps required a role that need to be computed columns, how does we work for that ?

ex. when a user choose a project A, then it should be seen for Sales A
but when the user choose project B, then it should be assign and be seen for Sales B but unseen for Sales A.

for now i can only use filter option, but if we can used row owner for computed column it would be great. otherwise we must used a lot of action to accomodate this feature (for basic column) whenever a change detected, we must change the value for the row owner.