Row Owners and Linked Glide Tables

Does row owner permission still applies if the Glide table is shared between 2 apps.

I am creating a solution there will be one app for the Public and the other for Admininstration. The scenario is I will apply Row Ownership in the public app to the linked table, but will this prevent administration users from viewing all the rows in the admin app.

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About your question, if you have two different apps connected to the same spreadsheet, I’d recommend you to enable the row owner function on the two of them.

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Actually I only need Row Owner on the public facing app, the Admin app should have access to all rows…
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You should be fine. Row Owners only applies to the app where you have enabled it, so applying Row Owners on your public app will protect user data, but as long as you don’t apply Row Owners on the private admin app, you will be fine and still have access to all data.

If I recall, only the basic column data is shared on a glide table between different apps. Any computed columns are not shared, and I would assume that the Row Owners indicator is included in that data that is not shared.

I have to ask though, is your admin app a private app or still a public app that anybody can sign in to? If it’s still a public app, then I would consider having columns to mark the admins as row owners for the data. Otherwise, if it’s not protected by any row owners and not protected behind a private sign in, then the data can still be accessed by anybody that signs into an app and can get to the underlying data.


Ok this sounds good. Will do the other step also.

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Did that solution work for you? I’m considering the same. Thanks!

Jeff, do you know how to set it up so that the row owners exist but specific people can see the entirety of the list without creating a separate app or worksheet?

You can assign an array column (set up in the Google sheet) as a row owner. Also, you can assign multiple columns as row owners. If you want certain people to have all access, then you could set up an arrayformula in the sheet to always certain columns in the data with those specific people. Or, if you have a Private Pro plan, then you can utilize Role and assign the roles to the data so people with that same role can view the data.

I have the entire sheet in Glide sheets…forgot to mention that :frowning: i use roles but that doesn’t seem to work with this Glide sheet.

I tried setting a separate column as a 2nd row owner and having the button add the email via compound actions and it does it. The rows light up as accessible but still not visible in an inline list in the app under that users login…

Hmm, I would think that would work. Are you sure you don’t also have a filter set on the inline list?

No filters, no visibility nothing. I think it’s a Glide sheet issue maybe. I know this works with google sheets but I wanted the response to be immediate w/o a delay so I opted the attempt.

Ok…it turns out I just needed to refresh the app half a dozen times then it would show up…WTH. So now it shows what it needs to. Literally 7 refreshes then the data populates…

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Glide sheets shouldn’t be having these kind of issues I wouldn’t think. I have yet to have a data delay from them.

That’s weird. Glad it works though. Is that the published app you had to refresh? Usually I have to refresh the published app 1 or 2 times before the builder changes take hold, but I would expect instant results in the builder.

I was about to share this post indicating that it should work.

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Yeah, it was the builder. But the data is already in the glide sheet. It’s been there since yesterday. I just made the new tab for the inline list today and the data just didn’t populate.

Maybe there’s still some bugs to work out. I have one app that I intend to change to have the option to assign multiple row owners via separate columns in a glide sheet, so whenever I get around to that, we’ll have to see if I run into similar issues.

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