Glide table shared = row owners issue

There seems to be a problem if a glide table is shared between 2 apps and has row owners.

Seems like you can only update the Row Owners value from one of the apps.

I added a new row to a table and on submit added row owner values.
The Data Editor shows the value in the table. But in doesn’t appear in the layout, nor is the entire row appearing (since its waiting to take the row owner value from the other app)

I go to the other app and the new row added has an empty row owner value.

anyone realized this before?

How are you adding the row? It would probably be a lot easier and would work better if you fill the row owner column as you are adding the row, instead of using a set column action after you have added the row.

The moment you add a row without a row owner, then it becomes an unowned row, so that may be part of the problem.