Assign Multiple Row Owner Columns

You can now assign multiple columns as Row Owner columns, including Array Columns. Read more


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have not really had to use Row Owners…what is the main usage?

This is gonna be big!

I thought this always was a thing, no? :sweat_smile:

So, to clarify, I don’t NEED an array column anymore to create multiple row owner functionality. I can have an email column be row owner AND an admin column be row owner provided that the column originates in the sheet (eg. would need an arrayformula —not a template column—to copy down the admin’s email address)?

Correct, I have clarified the title - you can now assign multiple row owner columns and still use array columns as row owner columns.


@Mns_Glide Row Owners is an important security feature. Normally all data is downloaded to a user’s device. You can apply filters to hide data, but that doesn’t mean that a savvy user couldn’t find it by looking at the underlying data through some browser tools. Row owners secures the data so only the data that’s intended for a specific user is downloaded to the device. Before, the only way to assign multiple users to a row would be to either use Roles with a Private Pro plan, or create an array column in google sheets and then use the array column as the source of Row Owners. With Glide Tables, there is no way to create an array column that can be used for Row Owners, so we were limited to only one user being the owner of a row. Now we can have multiple columns of emails and assign row ownership to each email in that row.

@JackVaughan Thank you for this! I think this will allow me to rethink and further secure data in a little side project I was working on to share data between separate users while still keeping it secure and completely within Glide Tables.


Don’t understand the use of multiple row owners, I thought the entire row is covered, why would you need another?

I believe it’s so that you can give more than one person permission to see a row of data. For example, in the app I’m building I have consumers and service providers, and the consumers will be able to allow service providers to see and modify their profile. So the consumer is the row owner, but they can also add the email of a service provider to also become a row owner on their behalf.

I think one of the other examples given has been employees and managers, whereas the employees have their individual profiles that are private to them, but also their manager.

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How does someone give another user access?

Oh I see, you add anotehr column with that email address.

Exactly. Or in the case of a chat, give the two emails that should be participating in that chat row owners.

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What’s the point of limiting the roles feature to pro when all plans can use multiple row owners?

I haven’t used much row owner yet but the email relationship in a template would work to be able to see all other row owner’s lines on other sheets?

@Pablo_books it could be considered a workaround to use separate row owner columns in place of roles, but at the same time, if you have a business with 100 people that fit a role, then it would be a little overkill to have 100 separate columns to hold each individual users email. Plus you would have to manually update emails in all tables and columns if you needed to add or remove a user. The role feature simplifies this on a mass scale like that.

@alfonso_ayala yes, you can use relations to limit what is seen in the app, but it’s not a security feature. If you use Row Owners, then that prevents data from being downloaded to a device that a user should not have access to. If you don’t use row owners, then data is still downloaded, even though you may be filtering what is visible in the app. The data is still accessible if you start to dig into the inner workings of the app through the browser inspect tool. It comes down to how secure you need your data to be.


Ah, good point. For my purpose, I only need about 5 people to access a screen, so I think multiple row owners will serve me well.

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