Row Owner as a Role + Email


I’ve been trying to add row owner via email address and also another role owner based on the role admin however it only works for one of them not both my doing something wrong or this is not applicable in glide?

Row ownership using roles only works with the Private Pro plan. Which plan is your app on?

Private of course but I had to choose to either work with the owner role or owner email I feel that I can’t use both

Scanning through the documentation quickly, they do mention the mixing of emails and roles in an array column. I would think that you could do the same with seperate columns, since you currently can with multiple email columns, but I’m not sure.

Is this in a google sheet or a glide table? If it’s a Google sheet, for the sake of trying, can you try making an array column in the google sheet that contains both the email and role, then try assigning row owners to that array column in glide?

I can assure you that it works. I’ve used email + role in an array column as a Row Owner in many apps.


It definitely works using array columns. In fact I believe it works even without array columns because now we can make multiple columns row owners in a single table.

I still prefer to use array columns because it keeps the data nice and neat.

Are you using separate columns for each role/ email?

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I’ve used both, but I mainly use array columns.
So in my Google Sheet, I’ll have something that looks like this in my Users sheet:

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 9.59.33 PM

Owner 1 will be the email address of the user, and the rest of the Owner columns will be roles.


Great I have the role ownwr and the email together to be able to improve the speed

I’ll try again and see if not I will submit a ticket


I talked about this with Darren before, if we’re mentioning improving speed with row owners/roles then I’m not quite sure. Data privacy, checked, but for speed, Glide has to actually “filter” the data to send to the user’s device and that would create a bad initial loading experience. The more columns you put into Glide’s row owners/roles setup, the more it would have to process, I guess.

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I created row owners based on roles and emails in a private pro app… Then i realized I didn’t add the role to the user profile so I added role column. I’ve done loads of these apps and they work correctly but this time Glide is not recognizing the Row Owner role. It is not granting access to users who have the correct role. I upgraded my app 1 hour ago…
any idea what could have gone wrong?

i published my app for the first time and seems like row owners are working now.