User inputs showing across all users (where do you assign User-specific)

Greetings all- Neebie here.
I have read, watched, clicked, added and totally confused myself with the user-specific column info. I need an entire sheet to be user-specific (used a form to gather inputs) (How can my app show only the data of my users and not all data of all the users - #2 by Darren_Murphy). Is there a video explaining this??

App idea: adding user content on favorite liquor, keeping track like a notebook
Issue: all data being shown to all users
Action taken: Set an email log in. Added a Users tab to GS. I do not know understand how to create the connection (if then) to show content added to user. HELP… 12 hours deep and lost.
Thanks! LOVE this community!!!

You shouldn’t need user specific columns for this. All you need to do is add an email column and then use the email special value component to automatically populate the email column when the form is submitted. Then you can either apply Row Owners to that email column (more secure), or add a filter on your list to filter by signed in user.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager ! I’ll do additional reading on ‘email special value’ component! =)

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