User-specific list additions

I’m trying to allow users to add custom items to a grocery list that only they can see.

I added a user-specific column to pull from, but when I try to select it, it reverts back to a column that is publicly visible. The result is that users cannot create their own custom additions within this list. Can someone help with this?

User Specific columns may only work with existing rows, and not new rows, since a row id hasn’t been assigned yet. They make more sense in existing rows where you want to have multiple values from multiple users saved in that same row cell. Instead I would make it a regular column in the sheet and add a column to hold the user’s email. Then add the Email Special Value to your add screen, which will automatically pull in the signed in user’s email and save it to the sheet. Then you can simply filter the list by signed in user or assign Row Owners to that email column.

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@Jeff_Hager Thanks so much for the help! Okay, I’m getting closer. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong, but when I add the Filter, all the ingredients disappear. Below is a screenshot of where I’m at - does this show you anything?

I see you have a Email User Specific column, which you shouldn’t need and it looks like you aren’t using it which looks good. You only need the Email column you created. I don’t see any email addresses in your Email column. If there are no email addresses, then the filter would not find a match. Does it look like that’s the case?


@Jeff_Hager That’s working! Getting so close. Not sure if I got this across well, but I’m aiming to have all the default ingredients displayed to everyone, plus custom-added ingredients that are only visible to the user that adds them.

To do this, I’m currently working via the detail screen to add two inline lists (one with the email filter you showed me & another with default ingredients listed) - or is there a better way to accomplish this?

Thanks again, really appreciate all your help with this.

Ok, that’s not a problem. You can use the same single list, but just add a second OR filter to also include rows where Email is Empty

Just got back to this and everything is working exactly as intended. Thank you again! @Jeff_Hager

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