User Profiles & User Specific Columns

We’ve had user profiles & user specific columns for a little while now, but I just finished a couple of new tutorials on them. They are really powerful so if you’re not sure what they are about - check out the videos below. :slightly_smiling_face:


Top @JackVaughan :+1:t2:

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Great tutorials.
I’m beginning an app that has several hundred users with different levels, so I’ll be using this feature quite heavily!

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@JackVaughan thanks for this! Does the user specific column setting for checkbox relate to some other identifier that I can make a relation to?

Hey Kevyn, sorry I’m not totally sure what you mean. What are you trying to do?

Hi Jack,

I have an issue with the user profile which makes me go banana soon…

When a user is logged in to the app his email appear automatically in the user tab in the data on glide but is not going to the users sheet in the Google sheets file.
It’s even worth, when I edit the users data (i.e. adding info like name, image and other fields) it’s being written to the data ok but not going to sheet at all.
Even worth, to test it, I’ve created a form to the same sheet and when submitting it, again the data is written in the data duplicating the user (his email appears twice) but the new row is not being added to the sheet.

Is this the expected behavior?

Did you scroll down to the bottom if the sheet? Are you using arrayformulas?

Yes. it was not there. yes to Arrayformula.
what I did now is actually delete all users data, then re-enter it and delete all empty rows and it works now so go fegure. Thanks for the help brother

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Glad it’s sorted. Let us know if you experience it again and please record a video if poss.

Hi Jack, thanks for the videos, very helpful.
I’m still very new to Glide but extremely impressed with the work you’ve done, thank you for all of your work! It’s proving to be exactly what we need as an MVP for the startup I’m working on getting going on increasing access to healthcare in Cote d’Ivoire.
I’ve actually had a similar experience to what yinon_raviv has experienced (if I understand correctly). One of the apps I’m working on is supposed to allow individuals to pre-screen themselves for COVID-19. However, when I’ve tested adding a new “pre-screening” it appears in the spreadsheet with hundreds of rows between it and the previous pre-screening which also means it doesn’t appear in the application as having been filled out. Has happened multiple times and not sure what’s causing it. Any thoughts on how to prevent this from happening?

You can delete all the empty rows from that sheet and try adding a new record again.

Hi ThinhDinh,

That has worked as a temporary fix but seems to be repeating when I try to add a new entry. Thoughts on how to prevent it from occurring?

Did you delete all the empty rows? Let’s say I have row 1 as header, row 2 as the first entry. If you have empty rows it will write to write 501 or 1001, something like that. Normally when I keep it to just the rows where I have data and nothing else, it works.

Or it has something to do with your formulas. If you can share the formulas you used for that sheet it would help.

Yes, I deleted all of the empty rows and still seem to be having the problem.

Currently, the only formulas I have in the sheet are standard array formulas checking to see if other data points exist and then either calculating Age or resulting in a “0” or “1”.
Ex: =ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(A2:A) = 0, “”,"" & IF(E2:E = “”, “”, DATEDIF(E2:E, TODAY(), “Y”))))
The other formulas are almost identical.

Can you try changing the checking of data points to.


instead of using LEN?

I don’t know if it’s the source of the problem, just want to try a new approach without changing the output of your sheet.

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Thanks for working through that with me ThingDinh!


No worries Mario, if you need me to help again just leave a message!

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Hi, I am following this video ( to create user profiles, first by asking few details and then changing visibility to show a welcome screen.
The problem is I dont see a filter rows by signed-in user option as shown at 19:44 in the video. If I continue to skip this, I happen to receive new user data into my google sheet but the visibility conditions dont work.

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Nice! I love how you executed the review section will try this approach as well on my app great idea!

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That’s an old video (by Glide standards). The filter by signed in user was moved to the Filter option awhile back.

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