User Specific Columns + User Profiles Demo

:call_me_hand: Hey all!

Wanted to create a quick and very rough demo of Glide’s two newest features: User Specific Columns and User Profiles. The video covers the process from sheet creation to feature implementation.

Hope this helps until an official video comes out!


Thank you for doing this. Between you and Mark, I think I understand this better.


That’s good to hear…we (myself included) are ALL going to need you to understand this better seeing as how you’re basically Superman in this forum :man_superhero:. Anything I can do to help.



Ha! Thank you! The more we participate, the more we learn. Maybe one of these days I can actually try my hand at making apps instead of learning how to make them.


That would be a glorious day.


This helps a lot, Robert! Thanks so much!

That would put you in a new category: Glide Master.


Robert, so this way you have a list of tasks that every user can check off.
But in this case how would you make user specific tasks? How could every user make its own tasks without others seeing them?

A simple filter of the list by signed in user would take care if that.

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Well, if each user gets their own task (submitting a form/add button), then we’re back to each user on its own row which negates the necessity of user specific columns, I think…right @Mark?

However, I think you could do this…instead of the task column residing in the sheet, create a text column that’s user specific. Then, submit a form that adds a new task to that column. So…still one task per person per row. The benefit to this (I think) is that:

  1. It might not count against your row quota
  2. Zero Lag
  3. No formulas/relations/lookups needed.

Let me test!

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Nope…doesn’t work. Forms can’t write to User Specific Columns… :thinking:


Strange. My own task feels as user specific :wink:

Yes, sorry, forms and add screens can’t write to user-specific columns yet.


We’ll wait :wink:

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Thanks, @Robert_Petitto!

Another example using User Specific columns to affect choice components (rather than check boxes) which feeds template columns which feeds cloudinary images PER USER:

Sneak Peak @TC_CardGames :wink:


This is so amazing. I have a choice component that can use this immediately. It’s currently writing to the sheet which causes weirdness if the choice component is changed too quickly before data has been sent and returned from the sheet—ie it sometimes reverts the component to a previous choice. This will eliminate that completely.

And User profile!!! Yes to the YES!! I’ve been looking at that little generic Glide avatar and wanting it to change for my apps own generic avatars.

You’re a hero @Robert_Petitto for doing this video.


Can’t wait for this to be added to forms. I have so many forms sending data from switches, choice, and checkbox that are simply meant as visibility validators for within the form itself. I could really slim down my sheets considerably once this is in forms.

But even in main screens of my app, this is going to tidy things up in Sheets for sure. Here’s an example of a sheet for my app’s tutorial… all those those for buttons to take you to the next step of the tutorial. lol.