Dream features - what’s yours?

Here’s my dream functionality for glide.

Native form within glide attached to payment button (purchase a non tangible item) - users fill out form, not submitted to google sheets until payment made, happy with stripe and or Paypal.

The app being public (no sign in needed) with option to subscribe (to contribute) subscription can be free or paid, paid monthly or yearly.

Once subscribed the user can add, edit, delete own items. All items added by subscribers can be seen by everyone.

Admin can be granted by app owner to anyone.

Not sure whether my expectations here are too high?


With an additional gateway as Strip does not operate in Israel.

Not looked but does Paypal work in Israel? If so it’s on my ‘dream app’

Yes it does.

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  • I can’t wait until we have actions like ‘when I press this button, set the cell to value x + 1.’
  • More data sources (e.g. Google Calendar, Webflow, Excel, CRM)
  • API Columns (e.g. OCR, contact enrichment, audio-to-text)

Webflow = my favourite
Google calendar = that would be cool


I just want an image action to go to an external link.


You don’t want much, easy to please. Why do you want this? Just curious

Take a look at this app: (It is my app to show take you to other apps)


Where do you want to click?

It is MY app and I STILL try to click on the image when I want to go to an app.

It would be so much better if I could just make image (banners) that would take me straight to the “outside” apps.

Instead I have to but a ‘boring button’ that links to the “ouside” app.

Edited to Add
Here is another one I would like to replace the buttons with images: https://ktle5.glideapp.io

@spencersRus why don’t you just use the RichText component? Just build your button in HTML using images in the HTML that are links. I have several image links in my app this way. Social Media logos, etc. I’m using the RichText component all over my app in the absolutely goofiest ways using CSS to move them all over the screen, rotate them, etc. It’s easily my favorite component in the app. I just wish it could interact a bit better with screens within the app. I’ve actually done the opposite of you. I’ve created variations on some of Glide’s “boring buttons” and Tab Icons using Illustrator and I use RichText to place them as PNGs in the app in weird spots but keep a consistent Glide style.

Anyway, if all you want is an image that’s an external link, this is very easy to do currently.

All I want are three things:

  • Character limiter on Text Fields.
  • Ability to wrap text inside the image boundaries of an inline list (and of course with that, a way to disable that shadow effect that goes under the text when you place it inside the image in an inline list).
  • Ability to affect the font, spacing, line breaks for Titles, Details, Captions on Inline Lists.

With those three things, you can create a pretty decent micro blogging platform. Limit length of text content, put it inside a rounded 3:2 shape, give the text a bit of style.

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You know that quite a few gliders will want to know a lot more about how you actually’ do the magic with your buttons.

Nice wish list you have, maybe one day these will be possible…

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So here is my wish to add to this list.

It may be a lot to read, and I’ve come up with a way to do it by means of a script. However it is not as fast as Glide is, i.e., the script, although short in code, takes a few seconds to update the sheet and therefore Glide.

Facebook and Google pixel

Pass variables to the app in the app URL (hola.glideapp.io?name=Pepe&email=pepe@gmail.com and send variables out in any link myweb.com?name=Pepe

Send automated emails/sms when something happens

Push notifications

My dream feature is a combination of https://uizard.io/ and Glide. You sketch something and it automatically becomes an app! We’re not there yet, but looking at Uizard not impossible!


Yeah that seems like a super wish item. Maybe one day :slight_smile:

I’m sure we’ll get there in the end :wink:

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Gdpr compliance checkbox on sign up/login and terms and privacy pages


Good point

Looks like your dream has come true :slight_smile:

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