Your Glide wishlist for 2024 🪄

As Glide’s Year of Power comes to an end, we have one question:

What does the community want to see in 2024?

Drop your ideas (and predictions!) in this thread.

P.S. Kudos to @l3oy8231 for starting this conversation a month ago! :raised_hands:


Can you spoil me? About the glide new feature update plan in 2024

I feel excited every time I enter a new year. Because there will be new updates added.


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What do you think we should do?


I know this will not be a bold statement – and Glide has gotten everyone used to bold and grand releases – but how about cleaning up a little bit of everything you already have?

Glide is great, I think everyone agrees on this. Many of the open requests have to do with finishing features that were developed 90% (and are either unfinished or not tested thoroughly). I think Glide could benefit from a little polish.

This being said, as often your team might come up with a big release, and then my request above might sound silly :slightly_smiling_face:

Either way, we’re looking forward to what your team has in store for us.


Not bold, and truly not silly. Some parts of Glide do seem cludged together (hastily done) and then never revisited. Being a programmer myself, I know that often it’s sheer drudgery to continue working on a feature that is “good enough” (or perhaps being bogged down by bug fixes). But it’s necessary, and as you said “Glide could benefit from it”.

Thank you


Hmm, for me, I think you guys should.

  • Improve the current component to be more powerful from comments in this community, such as adjusting the colors of various buttons without referring to the main theme color, custom font, adding chart formats, drag & drop pin maps from users, and more. Many from the recommendations of other users.

  • Added new componants from user requests in this community such as gantt chart / timeline componant, new layout for mobile, responsive image gallery, chat bot in glide

  • And finally, the new AI plugin capabilities



Trigger actions without needing to press a button. Ie. trigger when a row is created or via API. That would open up a world of possibilities!


I would like to see the automations :+1:


This can not initiate actions in the app yet, but is a good place to start.

Many of us are using Make, so would love to see options available for us too. Zapier is a promising start though!


Reduced spacing between components. Enlarge image. :crossed_fingers:


I think the editor is pretty great, but it would be nice to have some custom CSS features added to the Pro tier, or even an Advanced User Mode of some sort. Aside from standard design, there isn’t a ton of customization available for the visual aspect of things. I understand the concept is to have a “No Code” solution, but I think there should be an option to have more control over the design.

I think having an option like this would solve 50% of the issues I see on these chats, most of which appear to be design related. $249 a month seems pretty steep to have access to custom CSS… I’m sure there are reasons for this, but it would be nice to have more options. Other than that, I really love the functionality and ease of use. I’m sure you guys have big plans for 2024!


I’d love it if we could make views of the Big Tables or queries of the Big Tables, similar to what you have done with the SQL queries from a read/write table :pray:t4:

  1. Exactly the screenshot @Rosewebstudio shared (conditional automations and ITE logic anywhere in the sequence)
  2. Bring back / Enhance existing components (too many to list here, but top requests)
    • Bring back select mode
    • Customize button label/link in the “send email” action
    • Actions over multiple relations (set column!)
    • Duplicate action button WITHIN a title/button block/action row, etc
    • Show precision and units in Number Entry component
    • File Picker limitations (size and filetype)
    • Actions in Big Numbers
    • Select a column value as the “what to replace” field for Template column + units for number/math/column
    • Custom collection: group, horizontal scroll for grid
    • Containers: force arrangement regardless of size/device, “menu container”
    • basic “array” column that can be the source for a choice component or collection

… or User Profile Role :slight_smile:


Hi! We are Korean early start-up making MVP with glide :slight_smile:

We love Glide!

It can make us to challenge our new idea.

We have very little income now,

But We like it enough to pay Pro pricing.

(We are so poor college students haha)

We are getting ready for launching app for studying math,

Glide is so useful to build our service.

(Before Glide, We use Notion to prove possibilities of our business)

(It was so bad idea, it’s not so scalable. We think Glide is best way.)

So, The reason why we send this mail is that we have some request for glide feature.

We are using "Multiple images” Column on glide table and “image picker” component on page.

Our users will send us their daily homework(multiple images) by image picker.

There is a problem that users’ images are uploaded in a mixed order.

We need “Users can change the order of the images”

or “Images are uploaded in the order chosen by the user when picking photos on their gallery”.

Anyway, Images have to be uploaded in order according to the user’s intentions.

It’s our problem.

  1. Is there a good way to solve our problems now?

  2. If it isn’t, Can you update for image picker feature?

I hope you take care of our problems.

Please reply, Thank you.


The ability to specify a location bias for address autocomplete results from the google maps and radar integrations. E.g. We are in Australia and would like to return results more relevant to us.

Overlays. More components that can be easily customized, interms of the design . Text on mobile needs to be alittle smaller maybe a feature to set text styling would be an added advantage.
It would be great if you guys can really focus on making sure that the users don’t think of css at most.

  • More calendar options , function more like Google Calendar so users dont have to leave their glide app. Things like the granulairty and start/end times for the day/week view
  • Some animations for the audio recorder / player. Some auto play action as well for TTS
  • AI integration to help write custom CSS code so everyone can design apps outside of the normal component layouts
  • Different font and colour options for text and individual buttons

Yes please to this! :sweat_smile: