Glide’s new plans and pricing [Closed Thread]

Thank you for all the feedback so far.

Clarifying a few points…

We designed each plan with a specific audience in mind.

The Team plan isn’t an upgrade to Maker, for example. If you think a new plan could meet your specific needs, we want to hear your feedback on how we could improve it.

Our plans cater to the audiences we serve today.

They include all the power we’ve added to Glide over the past year and a half.

We’ll continue to add more power and features, with some exciting new updates already in development. (Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2024 wishlist!)

Building apps for clients? You should join the Glide Experts program.

You’ll get a 20% share of what your client spends in their first year with Glide, early previews of platform updates, beta invites, access to our active Experts community on Slack, and the opportunity to purchase our exclusive Agency plan.

Keep the questions coming!

We’ll add the most common ones to the FAQs below.


Why do I get fewer updates in these new plans?

Updates to Glide Tables and Glide Big Tables are now free and unlimited on all plans. Updates only come from external data sources, integrations, and API usage. The new update limits reflect this change.

Reminder: you’re not limited to the number of base updates included in your plan, you can use and pay for more.

Why do I get no updates in the new Free plan?

No features on the Free plan consume updates.

What is the difference between a personal user and a user?

A personal user signs into a Glide app using a consumer email domain (such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo) or an education email domain (such as .edu). A user can sign in with any email domain. Learn more about personal users in our docs.

Are personal users and public users the same thing?

Legacy plans include a distinction between Public and Private users. New plans do not. Personal users can log into a Glide app regardless of the access settings.

Does the Glide API consume updates?

Yes, the Glide API consumes updates. The Glide Basic API allows developers to add, edit, or delete data programmatically. The Glide Advanced API allows developers to query data from tables. Learn more about them in our docs.

What if I need more users or updates?

You can enable unlimited usage for both users and upgrades. You’ll then pay for any updates or users beyond what’s included in your plan limit.

Why isn’t file storage scalable, like users and updates?

Good feedback! We’ve received a few requests to make file storage scalable and are looking into it. In the meantime, please get in touch with our sales team if you’re running into file storage limits on your app.

Why would I upgrade from Maker to Team or Business?

You wouldn’t! The Maker plan serves a different audience than the Team and Business plans. The Maker plan is for validating app ideas and prototypes, or for building apps for a community or school. Team and Business plans are for companies building custom software on top of their existing data.

My agency business cannot survive with this new pricing model.

Join the Glide Experts program for guidance and support in growing your agency with Glide. In addition to those resources, Glide Experts share in the revenue from clients they refer to Glide.

Revenue sharing applies to your client’s total spend with Glide, including unlimited overages for updates and users. That means your share of revenue scales with your clients’ app usage.

I won’t be able to afford Glide if my legacy plan is discontinued.

There will be no changes to legacy plans in 2024. You will have at least three months notice before any changes go into effect, if/when they’re announced.

…thank you!

Original post

Glide evolved significantly over the past year.

It’s time for our plans to do the same.

The new Glide plans better reflect the different types of customers we serve:

  • Free: Learn how to create custom apps with no code
  • Maker: Build prototypes or bring Glide to your school, non-profit, or community
  • Team: Turn your spreadsheets into custom apps that adapt to any device
  • Business: Build powerful tools connected to your high-scale databases
  • Enterprise: Scale custom software across your entire organization

All paid plans have flexible, usage-based pricing.

This change also comes with under-the-hood improvements to our billing system, like better reporting in your Glide dashboard and a 20% discount on annual plans.

Plus: Updates to Glide Tables are now free and unlimited across all plans!

External data sources, integrations, and API calls will consume updates.

:bulb: For existing Glide users: Your plans will not change.

Your account is now considered a legacy plan. If you choose to upgrade or downgrade, you’ll switch to our new pricing model.

Learn more about these new plans in our announcement on the Glide blog.

Thanks to all the community members and customers who met with us last year. This wouldn’t have been possible without your input.

Questions? Comments? Let’s keep the conversation going in this thread.

Thank you! :pray:


My first impression is i’m glad i’m a legacy user! If I had seen the new pricing prior to developing my app, I think I would not have started.

It appears that unlimited updates basically doubled in pricing. and the current plan at 99.00 which was the sweet spot for alot of users I think just got axed and the lower plan tries to meet the needs of this plan albeit with half the power at $125.00/month paid annually?

And especially since i’m in canada, our dollar is not strong right now this is becoming expensive.


The Team plan is $99 billed annually. It’s only $125 if billed monthly.


Did we just loose 15,000 updates on the new pricing scheme!!!

Now the Business plan updates limit has been aparently reduced from 25,000 to 10,000 updates per month!!

Can someone explain this?

Updates are unlimited when using Glide Tables for Adds/Updates/Deletes.


Can you clarify this? Bascially then the pricing is strongly encouraging users to use glide tables. Which is good and fine, and I see that there is a preview installation to update this from the back end which I am good with building.

Does an line modification from to glide tables, cause a Sync or update?

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Oh my!! Are you sure? Can you point to me that, because I’m getting to my 25,000 limit and have apps using only Glide tables and now this New pricing says it will be 10,000. I don’t understand.

Hi! Can you please clarify the total updates for the free plan? It sounds like they have a “free” published app, but of course the app is going to consume updates. @Jeff_Hager to your point above, does that mean that when we use Glide tables, updates will be unlimited? Let me know if my assumption is correct!

Positive. With the new plans, the only updates incurred in Glide tables will be ones that use integrations. Add/Edit/Delete no longer count as updates (bring on Set Columns!).


Since Free plan only allows Glide Tables and does not allow integrations → unlimited updates.


oh wow this is AMAZING then!!!


Am I reading it correctly that there is no longer a distinction between “Private Users” and “Public Users”? Now each user no matter the method of sign in is a “User”?

So previously on a Business Plan you could have 1,000 Public Users for $249 a month, now 1,000 users would be ~ $8,000 a month?

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Correct. A user is a user.

UPD: read about updated actions policy below. Some of written in this message is not relevant after clarifications

The pricing is wild… Actions were kind of expensive, but now I have no idea how I can convince small businesses to use Glide anymore when it’s just 5k actions/month for $125. I am not even talking about building platforms for personal needs because a plan for $25 has vanished.

It’s great that some actions are now unlimited, but since the calculation of updates has always been a "grey zone,” I believe it might be a good time to clarify it openly.

I see the messages about what is counted “updates” but having it as an update documentation would be great.

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does that means I can use glide tables with unlimited free updates ? (i’ve the old pro plan)

No, this only applies to the new plans.

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On new plan: yes. Integrations are the only things that will hit your update quota when using Glide tables.

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Depends on the actions you’re using. If you’re using a lot of integrations, then it will be more costly than only using Glide’s native actions.

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Thanks. So is my math correct?