Glide pricing updates

Hi, I notice that Glide makes regular updates to its pricing policy and data usage (multiple times in the 2 last month). This makes me rather uncomfortable regarding the futur as I do not want to inject a lot of energy and time (talking in month) in my apps if the usage & pricing policy keeps changing. I build my automatisations and structure based on the Glide’s pricing so it becomes complicated for me to build my strategy.

Do you guys have the same feeling or I’m I the only one ?

Also, you only have 20 users in the Team plan and unlimited personal users in the Makers plan (the plan below)…I don’t get the difference between personal users and …users :frowning: ?

Finally, I fear there is no plan that suits my needs. What do you think ?

  • More than 3.000 users
  • I need notifications
  • I need more than 40K rows (google sheets) → looks like there is no limit anymore on rows … ?
  • And 5000+ updates

Thanks for your help :pray:


Glide announced new pricing last week, on Jan. 17. Glide has been around since 2019 and I believe this is version 4 of pricing (it could even be version 3, I’m not sure). My feeling is that Glide, so far, has changed its pricing every 18 months or so. The change usually reflects important changes in the product.

I don’t share your feeling, but one doesn’t argue feelings, we feel different things based on how we use the product.

The Maker plan is a non-business plan for communities, founders, school, B2C hobbyists. Apps are meant to be consumer facing, thus unlimited users.

The Team and Business plans are professional plans for teams and businesses. Apps are meant to be B2B internal applications (for employees), thus the limited number of users.

A user is a person who uses an email address to sign in to an app. The email can be of any type: a consumer email address, education/school, non-profit, community, a personal website email, governmental, business/corporate, etc.

A personal user is a person who uses a personal email address to sign in to the app. Personal email address are defined as follows:

  • Consumer email domains (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, msn)
  • School emails (e.g. a college email)
  • Non-profit email (e.g. a city food bank)
  • Community (e.g. a local pickleball club)
  • A personal website such as a blog

This differentiation marks to split between Maker and Team+: anybody can sign in to an app built on Team+ plans, but only personal email addresses can sign in to apps built on a Maker plan. Thus, Team+ are professional plans, and Maker is non-business plan.

  • More than 3.000 users → Free, Maker or Entreprise
  • I need notifications → Team+
  • I need more than 40K rows (google sheets) → Business or Entreprise
  • And 5000+ updates → Update are unlimited on Glide tables. For other sources, Team+

All of this being said, Glide released their new pricing 7 days ago, they have been listening closely to feedback, and they might announce a few changes (or not, I have no idea).


Thanks for your detailed answer :pray:

So with a team plan I can only have 20 employees max on my app ? So you do confirm that if I go from Maker to Teams, it’s not possible anymore to have unlimited personal users anymore ? Would be great to have unlimited users and notifications :heart:

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On the Team plan you have 20 users included (which equates to $5 per users per month). Every additional user will cost $4 per month. Note that Glide only takes into account active users, that is a user that signs in at least once during the billing cycle.

Also note that a user is a person who signs in to the app with an email address. A visitor is someone who visits the app without signing in with an email, and visitors are uncapped on all plans.

I understand what you mean, Team feels like a upgrade from Maker because of the price points. But this is not the case. Team is for a business use case, Maker is for a consumer use case. The use cases are so different that it’s difficult to compare the two plans.

The Team plan is for businesses, and Glide is ideal for teams and companies that have 20 to 100 employees, perhaps up to 500. So indeed on the Team+ plans, there is no need to have a large number of users (not thousands or millions that is, up to a few hundred is plenty large).

For unlimited users, the Maker plan is what you need.

i love the idea behind the maker plan of Glide because i have a lot of idea for my community. But what annoy me is the instability of the team. I’m worry about to start using it for my use cas for example And Glide find that i make a lot of workaround that he didn’t expect and try to remove features or limit some functionalities or increase price. This make me feel insecure

And the maker plan lack some functionalities like Api , push notifications and a little more row or the possibility to pay more as you go for the rows

@DigitalGen what is the row limit with Maker plan. Because on my side I cannot see a limit anymore. Looks like its unlimited…and replaced by the data usage of 5gb

@DigitalGen exactly what I encountered with an old plan (of 2022), with the old glide apps :slight_smile: ! They removed the ‘trigger webhook’ option so now I’m stuck and forced to migrate but we are talking about an app I’m improving since 2 years already with lots of Make automatisations behind :frowning:

the row limit is 25000 better than before but still could be increase, and the storage is only 1gb :man_facepalming:

Yes I need at least 60.000 :upside_down_face: and only 500 updates with maker :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?? that’s nothing… I don’t understand why there is no plan that suits are needs…Even business is not enough since you only have 20 users. If they don’t update the plans I will be stuck…

I wonder how business or what kind of business manage to use 5000 rows

It’s also 25K rows for business…what do you mean with 5K rows ?

I mean the previous plan for starter

The biggest issue I have with the new plans is the absence of any consideration for the fact I was able to build multiple published apps in the old free plan with Google Sheets and then upgrade in quite small price increments to accommodate more updates, rows etc. The new plans make zero provision for this and force you immediately to $99 / moth ($160 AUD) to accommodate the one extra app we built on the old free plan. We don’t expect to exceed the row/update allowance on the Legacy Free plan for a little while but the next upgrade was going to cost $9/mth when we started and will no cost 11 x that offering nothing else of any value to us. As for Glide listening? I emailed them and they have chosen to not respond at all. Clearly users opinions are actually of ZERO value to them. Shame. They used to respond quite quickly. Maybe becoming too big for their baby booties.

And don’t get me wrong. I have no problem paying for value. But where is the value in 11x the cost just because they changed their view on what is fair pricing and decided gouging is now reasonable.

We use these apps for internal systems, not customer facing money earning apps. Perhaps we need to look elsewhere.

Your opinion is that Glide should cost $10/mo. Our opinion is that Glide must be worth $100/mo minimum to a business building unlimited internal apps with it. I hear you, I just don’t think we can build a business based on your opinion of the pricing. This doesn’t have to do with “baby booties” or “not valuing” you. We’re building a business, pay what we think Glide is worth or vote against our price by using another product. We will count the votes.


Amen @david

David is bang on - and thanks for having the stones to say it publicly. Most CEOs won’t. Most play the politics and give a safe answer. His message is clear - and I think he’s right. If this pricing isn’t for you, then Glide isn’t for you and feel free to go elsewhere. Rough comment - but the truth.

I evaluated over a dozen ‘tools’ like Glide and that’s after years of working for companies like NetSuite and Oracle … there’s nobody even close to what Glide delivers, at this price point (or even at 5x their cost).

Go price out what it would cost to buy the app in question, any app, on a traditional software platform.

One that’s 100% built to your (or your clients) exact specifications, with no wasted ‘stuff’ you have to deal with that has nothing to do with you and can evolve and grow exactly as your use case does.

I recognize the difference between enterprise apps that cost huge (thousands to millions) bucks and more personal use cases. But any app being sold should deliver significant value - else, why build it and sell it?

It’s the old paywall discussion … if it’s not worth a ton, make it free. If you add value charge for it - and the cost should be relative to the value to the client (user).

Even if it’s for the internal use case … if your app isn’t delivering big value, why spend the resources to develop and deliver it? If your app isn’t delivering that value to your internal users (and I personally only build for internal users at my company) then the app or use case itself is the issue. Not Glide pricing.

I don’t see how Glide could displace the big boy platforms - which it’s doing BTW - and the low cost (lower value) tools for simple development at the same time.

If their revenue is the driver of their roadmap - aka, how much they can invest in R&D (directly or indirectly though liquid market value), then why would any of us ever want them to charge less?

Do we really want slower rollout of killer features? Less integrations so we don’t have to build them ourselves? Less support? That all costs money - you can’t deliver big time value for free (or cheap).

Comments meant respectfully, as always - and apologies if this offends … but I couldn’t agree with David more if I tried.


I agree with you @david that Glide has reached a point of development and additional features that justify a price increase.

My only remaining doubt is the change in the structure of internal and external users. Because sometimes internal applications are not only viewed by employees, but also by external users who decide independently which emails to register (as in our case). In this case, I feel that a starting cap of 20 users on the team and business plans is too low, as applications are already being built and launched. Think also about what the user limits are now for Starter for example (1,000 users without distinction of email type).

This is the only thing I would change!


Happy to see that my post gets the CEO’s attention and totally agree that a business must make profits. By the way: you guys rock at Glide ! Incredible product you designed until now !

Nonetheless, my question relates to the fact that based on my usage (feeling I’m not the only one in the room), there is no plan that fits my needs unless going custom but would pay more than 249$ / month for a non profit business. My case:

  • More than 2.000 users → Makers plan
  • Notifications → Makers plan
  • I need more than 4.000 updates → Team plan or Business plan
  • I need more than 40K rows (google sheets) → Business plan ? (only with big tables although I need it on google sheet)

Would understand to pay between 99 and 150 euros for that package but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m currently on a very old plan and old app version, paying only 32$/month for all these features mentioned above. And in the meantime the webhooks functionality has been dropped :frowning: so I’m kinda blocked now…

What should I do ?


What plan are you on today?

We designed the Maker plan with nonprofits in mind, and if you turn on unlimited usage, you’re looking at ~$150 USD (~140 EUR) monthly for ~5K updates on a Maker app.

That’s a massive sheet. :slight_smile:

I think the Maker plan should work for you, but I’d like to know more about how you’re structuring your data. If you start a thread in Ask for Help, I bet we could figure out a way to make it work.


Hello @nathanaelb ! I would like to join this conversation as I’m having the same issue with our client’s app. His app is hosted in our company Team Plan (where we have other apps too). He runs an hotel and the app is used by guests, so he would like to have unlimited users per month (or at least many more than 20). But the source I’m currently using is Airtable, which is not supported by Maker plan. What do you suggest to solve this issue?