Latest updates to Glide’s plans and pricing ✨

Hello Gliders!

We’ve made more adjustments to our plans, rolled out a new Zapier integration, and redesigned the pricing page with a toggle between Glide for companies and Glide for makers.

We’ve powered up the Maker plan with:

  • New Zapier integration that works with Glide Tables
  • Custom CSS
  • Signature Pad
  • Protected Columns
  • Ability to purchase additional apps via the billing screen on your dashboard

When you purchase additional Maker apps you’ll all get more updates and file storage.

We’ve also made Team and Business plans more accessible.

Changes to Team plans include all features in Maker, plus:

  • Reduced pricing for additional users: $4 (monthly) or $3 (annual)
  • 30-day free trial, only available via the billing page

Changes to the Business plan:

  • Increased number of included users to 40
  • Reduced pricing for additional users: $6 (monthly) or $5 (annual)
  • Increased row limits on Big Tables to 10M
  • Removed row limits on SQL data sources and BigQuery
  • Increased the free trial period to 30 days

Plus… all third-party integrations are now available on Maker, Team, and Business.

Note: If your apps need a high volume of users or updates, get in touch with our sales team about volume discounts on a custom plan, starting at $1k/mo.

When will these new pricing plans take effect?

The updated pricing plans are effective March 20th onward.

If you purchased a plan after January 17th, changes to your plans — such as reduced per-user prices — will be reflected on your future invoices.

These changes will not be applied retroactively.

Building Glide apps for clients?

Join the Glide Experts partner program for exclusive perks, including revenue share.

Glide Experts Level 3 Certified are eligible to purchase the Agency plan. It’s designed exclusively for our no code agency partners who build custom solutions on Glide.

The Agency plan includes everything on the Business plan, along with:

  • Ability to create 30-day trial teams for clients without requiring a credit card
  • Automatic revenue sharing when clients upgrade to a paid plan
  • 50 users (capped)

Find more details about the Agency plan in our docs.


Note: The following has not changed from when we launched our new pricing in January. We’re repeating here for clarity, based on questions and feedback we’re still receiving:

What’s the difference between Users and Personal Users? – Users are everyone who logs into your app. Personal users are a subset, based on their email domain. Personal and educational domains qualify as personal users. Use the Personal User Validator to see if an email domain qualifies, or request that it be flagged as personal.

Can apps still be set to Public or Private? – Yes. This is configured in your app’s Privacy settings. Public apps can be accessed by anyone. Private apps can only be accessed by the users you invite.

Do we still have Public and Private users? – No. That distinction no longer exists. We now have Users and Personal Users, determined by the user’s email address. Team, Business, and Enterprise plans allow any type of user. Free and Maker plans allow personal users only.

As always, please keep the feedback coming in this thread.

Thank you!


I like it. It seems like a good progression for whatever stage you are in your build. If you are just playing around and experimenting with Glide, the Maker plan works.

Then when you go through the validation phase, you have Team/Business which I think at $99 - $249 sounds reasonable.

And then the Enterprise plan to use large scale databases to go beyond the MVP phase.

How does the per user billing work on an annual basis if active user numbers fluctuate throughout the year?


User overages are computed and billed monthly, even on annual plans.


Nice, so just to clarify that means you would pay for the $239 ($2.6k upfront) annually and then the user/updates billing is monthly?

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Hey @NoCodeAndy - thank you for the announcement.

What of Glide Tables API and/or integrating it with Make?

Great update! Love that!
Would like to see Glide Basic API in Maker plan.


What’s the cost of additional apps on the Maker plan?


I appreciate the changes within the pricing structure, but as I said before, the only aspect that in my opinion now shifts the balance is the number of users for the Team and Business plans that force you to pay double if not triple the base price.

I would rather have, for this two plans, a maker with unlimited personal users + 20/40 with non-personal emails for example.

But keep going, I trust you will reflect on this point :slight_smile:

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@tkd_hayden please check this doc: Plans and Pricing | Glide Docs


I will still advocate for at least the option to pay for private users in Maker, rather than just exclude them. I have clients that use work e-mails, they are not that many but they do spend more. I would be embarrassed to tell them they can’t possibly access a portal unless they use their private e-mails.

I really don’t understand the reasoning behind separating public and private users in the first place. It just seems to unnecessarily complicated to have to go back and forth a validator that realistically will never work correctly with an infinite number of domains. Everyone, including yourselves, would save so much more time and headaches if you find another simper way. Maybe limit the number of user with private emails to x per unique private domains/month and charge $x if it exceeds. That just seems so much more simpler and profitable for everyone.

So example: and can log in to the app to check on their status in March but any other individuals using domain in that billing cycle will cost $x more; and all the public domains remain unlimited.


Stay tuned! Make news coming soon.


Good progress! im liking the Maker updates! with 3rd party integration


OK. This (for Maker) seems like a good step forward. Makes it more of a better fit to what the non-profit plan looked like.


Still pretty disappointed with the latest round of pricing updates. Limiting Maker plans to a single app is still a game-breaker for my clients/projects - and $.02 per update? Yikes. Even in the U.S. market this seems drastically high, laughably so. I feel bad for international builders who might struggle even more with this pricing plan.

We’re on what, the 5th pricing update now in 3 years?

The Glide team should consider doing global customer focus groups instead of just shooting from the hip on all these changes.


For me, I’ve just tried to see how many of my Apps (I have a LOT of Apps I wrote just for me – like keeping track of my Breaker Box and what outlets each controls) that I could move to the Free Plan Tier. I think I am able to move most of them. But I agree – 2 or 3 Apps at least would seem like a reasonable starting point, with the ability to purchase additional Apps.

Right now with the new ability to purchase additional Apps, the price jumps from $60/mo to $120 for just one additional App. I would have thought $10 per each additional App would have been reasonable.

I don’t think Glide is amenable to ‘customer focus groups’. They are letting their investors and their new vision of internal-facing Apps drive their pricing. They are being clear on that point.

I’ve seen multiple comments that basically state, “If Glide pricing is not right for you, vote with your wallet and go elsewhere.” That’s a disappointing attitude IMO. Glide is a great product – why drive away the small businesses and hobbyists that (also IMO) generate the most excitement for Glide?

That kind of customer enthusiasm and loyalty should not be so easily dismissed.

I am also disappointed they gave up on the promise of providing a tool that could take most of the grunt work out of converting Classic Apps to Apps. Even a 90% conversion would have been super helpful.


Adding to @rwdaigle’s comment… stay tuned. :wink: Check out our preview in the meantime.

Public vs private users in legacy apps, and users vs personal users in the new apps, are all trying to address the same problem: how do we efficiently serve multiple use cases?

Companies running their internal operations on Glide aren’t the same as indiehackers building MVPs or nonprofit groups building apps for their members. They’re all very different.

I agree that what we have today isn’t perfect, but that’s why we keep tweaking, and keep going back to the community with these updates and inviting more feedback/comments.

We’re iterating on the prices because we talk to customers. :slight_smile:

They’re not necessarily posting on the forum, but you’re right: these customers are companies building internal-facing apps, and their needs drive a lot of our development.

We have the Free and Maker plan for other projects. If those still aren’t a fit for what you need, there are plenty of other platforms out there that might be a better choice.

This work is still happening, but the scope of it, and the complexities of it, are significant. In the meantime we’re recommending folks rebuild if the wait is too much.


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I know there will always be folks unhappy with pricing changes. And every perspective is valid.

But I just wanted to add mine (and it’s a positive one).

(1) We’re happy with the Maker plan and its pricing as long as we can use all Glide’s features (including their API). I’d like to be able to build a fully functioning app without limitations and pay Glide for updates as we scale. With us, when users make updates, it means we’ve sold them either subscriptions or credits. And this means that when we sell, Glide sells. I think this pricing model is fair, and I hope it’s viable for Glide as a business as well.

(2) I’ve been vocal about the above model (don’t lock features, charge us updates), and it seems like Glide is moving in this direction. I’m not claiming AT ALL that this is because of just my feedback - it’s because of everyone’s feedback. So I can’t say Glide isn’t listening to our feedback. They do, however, need to balance it with their bottom line.

(3) The app we’re running on Glide is categorically NOT an MVP. It’s a full production app that we don’t have any plans to migrate to custom code or pay developers. Now, in our niche, and for our use case, Glide’s functionality and its streamlined and simple UI is more than enough. Our app is consumer-facing (not a B2B or client portal), with Stripe payments, etc.

Very happy with Glide so far.

If things change with our perspective on Glide’s features and pricing, we won’t hold back. But we are where we are at the moment :slight_smile: