Community Update: New Zapier integration ⚡️

Hello Gliders!

Last week we announced our latest updates to Glide’s plans and pricing. It included a brief mention of our new Zapier integration. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Say hello to our new Zapier integration :zap:

We also wanted to share something that our friends at Summit are working on…

Add powerful scheduling to your Zaps with Schedule by Summit

Schedule by Summit can work in combination with our new Zapier integration to add automations to your Glide apps. Use coupon code GLIDE_EA for a free month trial!

Monitor your Zaps with Operator by NoCodeOps

Also this week: the team at NoCodeOps released a major update to their Operator platform (currently in beta). Now you can search across all the fields, tables, apps, and endpoints used in any of your Zaps. Check out their LinkedIn post for details:

New features, fixes, and updates :star2:

Looking back over the last couple weeks, since we skipped last week’s update:

  • Fixed invisible text on the auth request stage screen
  • New dark mode design for the Data Grid component
  • Fixed a user-level component sync issue with Google Sheets and Glide Tables
  • Fixed a bug with “group by” not reloading if the SQL table has no primary key
  • Added a clearer label to our legacy Zapier integration
  • Fixed a bug in Classic Apps where you couldn’t save new actions
  • Fixed a bug in Classic Apps with screen flashes when navigating back
  • Made third-party integrations available to all paid plans (part of our pricing update)
  • You can now add relations over array columns in Glide Big Tables
  • Improved styling and fixed alignment on the Big Numbers component
  • Changing computed columns in Glide Big Tables now reloads affected GBT queries
  • Removed header shadows from dark mode
  • Removed borders on flat design input fields
  • Made the Cover and Profile title components more flexible (no images if value = blank)
  • Removed the “Connect Google Sheet” button if you can’t add Sheets as a data source

Member shoutouts :medal_sports:

Showing up, asking questions, and contributing to discussions all add to your score, and we’ve got some new faces topping the leaderboards this week. Kudos to…

Thank you for being part of the Glide community!

From the community :raised_hands:

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Thanks so much, Andy!

I’m the founder of Summit in case anyone has any questions. And great to be here!


Thanks for joining us in the community!

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Not sure, even after watching the video and reading the docs that I fully understand how this integration is different than the the prior Zapier tool. Is the main improvement the ability to write to glide tables from within Zapier? It seems like it still requires at least some hefty low-code work under the hood to set up and implement. Just trying to envision the use cases that this integration opens up.

Yes, that’s the biggest change for the launch.

Two parts to it, really:

  • Pulling data from other sources into your Glide Tables
  • Triggering Zaps with a webhook call from your Glide app


can maker plan integrate with payment solutions using this make/zapier integration? correct me if Im wrong:

1- glide sends data to external via webhook
2- data sends back to glide via zapier/make

is my understanding correct?

@ainulfi3 - Correct!

Update: We’ve resurrected the Trigger Zap action for Classic apps.