⚡ Glide with Zapier!

We have just added Zapier support to Glide! You can now trigger a Zap with data from a Glide app.

We are working to make the integration public soon, but for now you may use the invite integration here - Glide Zapier.

Free apps will have a limit of 100 Zap invocations per month.

To get started:

  • Accept the invite above and click “Make a Zap!”
  • For Choose App & Event, select “Glide (0.1.0)”
  • For Choose trigger Event, select “Glide App Action”
  • For Choose Account, Click “Sign in to Glide (0.1.0)”

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 3.02.25 PM

  • You will need to provide an API key to connect Glide to Zapier
  • To find this, open the Glide app you wish to connect and navigate to Settings -> General
  • Copy the API key and enter it in Zapier

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 3.04.53 PM

  • Back in Zapier, name the Zap and continue,

  • Set up the rest of your Zap!
  • In your Zap configuration, you will have access to 3 values (Sample Value 1, Sample Value 2, Sample Value 3) that will be provided from Glide. These will be bound to data in your Glide app and will replace the sample values you configure.

  • Once you are done configuring your Zap, turn it on.
  • Go back to your Glide app and add a “Button”, “Basic Text”, or “Image” component.
  • Under actions you will see a Zapier action

  • Select the Zap you configured and the data you would like to send to it.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 3.13.44 PM

Please note, the zap has to be configured and turned on in Zapier before you will be able to select it in Glide.

:zap: Enjoy! :zap:


Thanks for the documentation. To be clear, it’s limited to button, image or basic text for now correct? Is this when an image / text is clicked?

Hope you will allow user name, time/date to be passed to Zapier and more than 3 values. Can you allow more values? Thanks.


Wow! This is huge :raised_hands:

Great! Looking forward to hearing the use cases, how are people using this?

I can’t do a zap.

The link open in my zaps, not to create one

@Lucas_Pires, After accepting the invite, click on “Make a Zap!”. You should be able to search and find Glide now.

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Any plans to add this to the Buy Button as well?

@senorcodecat Could you tell us what your use case is?

Is Zapier just for pro apps? For some reason the api it’s not on my free apps but it appears on my pro app.
Correction: it’s on other free apps, just not one I just made to try with Zapier. Strange

What’s the app that you don’t see it in?

It works now. Must’ve taken some time