⚡ Zapier Integration Update!


We updated the Zapier integration to support:

  • 12 values!
  • Values can be from your sheet or special values including the current date / time, a unique id, or the current user’s email.

If you want to try it out, follow the instructions here to get started - https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/integrations/zapier

If you are updating an existing Zapier integration, you will need to update the Zap with the new integration as well as updating the app in the Glide builder. Follow the instructions below to update.
To update you Zap to support special values and up to twelve values:

  1. Go to Zapier.com and find your Zap.
  2. Click “Edit” on Glide App Action in Glide
  3. Expanded “Choose App & Event”
  4. Click on the dropdown for “Choose App”. Select “Glide” beta.
  5. Double check that app name in “Choose Account” is the app you would like to connect to Zapier.
  6. Expand “Find Data” and click “Get More Samples”. You should now see 12 sample values.
  7. Update your Zap steps to use these new values.
  8. Once you are done, make sure to turn your Zap back on!
  9. Go to the Glide builder and navigate to your Zapier component. You will have to reassign the Zap you just edited.

Original Zapier Annoucement - ⚡ Glide with Zapier!

:zap: Enjoy!


This will be huge for calendar invites and integration!

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Not 5, not 8, not 10, 12 values for zapier, yeah!

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So cool!

WOW impressive

Awesome, great work

Hoping for examples of how people use this, are going to use it!

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Wow !!! Amazing !! :slight_smile:

First. I love Zapier so much and it has made glide significantly more powerful with this connection. Huge update glide team! Keep up the great work!

I had a question on something I am attempting. I am trying to use a Lookup Column that is an array of values from a multi relation in the Zap send Data. I am not seeing that available. Should that be possible, and I am not setting it up correctly? Or is this not currently supported?

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Genuinely an array of values is simply that…multiple values. You are trying to put multiple values into a single value field. You would need a relation without the multiple checkbox set. Depending on if your lookup is pulling an array of columns from the other sheet, or building an array from multiple rows…the alternative is to either use a template to join multiple columns together, or use formulas in your sheet to built all of your row values into a single cell.

One thing to consider if Glide allowed this, is how would you expect the array of values to look in a single value field? Would there be some sort of delimiter between values? Would you want to be able to choose the delimiter?

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Hey @Jeff_Hager. Thanks for the reply. It’s an array built from multiple rows. I’d love to be able to use this to essentially “split” the array into multiple rows, and place them in another sheet with a Zapier Action.

This would require a delimiter, my error I think was assuming it did that automatically. Created a delimited array in the array field.

Zapier has the ability to split a single field to line items, and then google sheets supports adding multiple rows with line items. Hard to explain the use case, but essentially splitting costs of an item among users. Those users emails are in the Array, and I would like to place them in another table as individual records, with a "true/false Column and checkbox component visible only to the user that is owed the money to track who has paid. I am not sure if that is clear, so apologies if that’s doesn’t clear up the use case.

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I got what you are saying. Didn’t know Zapier could do that. I haven’t played with it much yet.

Hey Jeff,

Yeah! I highly recommend checking it out! for the no/low code development, it really supercharges the entire ecosystem.

I appreciate your help on the above! I’ll look more into ways I can pull the data into an array in a single field that would be usable by the Zapier function.

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One suggestion to future, why not to integration with Whatsapp? it would be very nice.

Adalberto, you can integrate buttons with WhatsApp using WhatsApp API.

Also, check the following thread.

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Thanks guys, I’m going to test.

Hey Ben,

I think I’m having the same issue here. I want to be able to send my lookup data I pulled from my multi-relation and send the delimited values via Zapier, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it out. Lol can anyone help. (specifically I’m trying to send phone numbers, but I want to be able to select a group name and from there all the contacts phone numbers within the group will be sent via zapier).

Hi Gary!

What I ended up doing is using the Gide action to trigger a zap. It sends the value I need to lookup a group of users in the user sheet. Use the “Find Many Spreadsheet Rows (With Line Item Support) in Google Sheets”.

Then the next zap in the flow is “Create Spreadsheet Row(s) in Google Sheets”. You can then place the info from the look up step in the appropriate columns, and it will create a row for each item returned in the lookup. I believe it is limited to 20 rows per lookup though.

Hope that helps!

You are right Robert.

Have you managed to sort out event’s conflict? Example, if someone books at a time / date not available, the event should be declined.

Quick question and hopefully some clarity. Does every notification sent count as a zap? And looking at the PRO accounts it says unlimited zaps. Does this mean that through our pro accounts we have unlimited zaps or does this mean that through our PRO accounts we have the ability to send unlimited zaps only restrained by our Zapier account and tier we are on with them?

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