I want to create a Zap (sending email notification) when a user submits a form. I watched the tutorial that yes we can trigger on buttons, images and basic text. But there is no way to have this feature on the “submit” for the form.

Suggestions please.


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Trigger a zap on new row is added to the form sheet instead. This uses the google sheets trigger in zapier, not glide


You can trigger it when a new line is created on your Google Sheets.


Thanks Jaime.

From the glide Pro we have unlimited zaps correct?
If we use google sheets, will we have the restriction of a free user?

The unlimited zaps are still limited by your zapier account limits AFAIK.

If you use google sheets as the trigger, you’ll still need to work within your zapier account limits as well. ie. 100 zaps/month on the free Zapier plan.

so triggering from Glide also has limit?

Using a glide trigger still uses zaps on your zapier account, yes.

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I just checked the Pro plan, and I have just paid for it. there is unlimited zaps.

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It’s the case when I test here as well, seems like there’s no correlation between the Glide limit on zaps and the actual Zapier account?

yes. I guess Glide team have made package with Zapier. so Pro users can have unlimited Zaps. I think that is the case.

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Yeah, anyway a paid plan on Zapier is still needed.

I am still confused Thinh.
In the Pro Glideapp it does not have any limit on Zaps…so we just use the free Zapier account and add in the API Key from Glideapp.

I have not yet fully use, but my impression is that without the paid Zapier account, Pro Gliders can use unlimited zaps. Your take?

I just double checked a client’s zapier account and the zapier tasks triggered via native glide zap are still counted as tasks in zapier. You are still bound by the quota of tasks that you have in your zapier account.


The situation is like what Jaime said.

Think of it as Glide’s Zap and Zapier’s Zap, they are two different things.

A free Glide account gives you 10 Glide’s Zap. A pro Glide account gives you unlimited Glide’s Zap.

A Glide’s Zap is an equivalent of a Zapier’s Zap, but Zapier has their own quota. Only 100 Zapier’s Zap triggers for free accounts monthly.