Trigger zap

How many zaps can we add to an app? I can’t see the 21st zap

Try zooming out in your browser.

again I see 20 zap names at most

Ok. I figure they might have been hidden. Worth a shot.

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Is there a limit on this @SantiagoPerez ?

There’s no limit on the number of Zaps you can add to a project.


There isn’t a limit of zaps, but there is a limit of parameters/fields that are sent in the zap using the Trigger Zapier action. @Nilgul_Bozkurt can you please clarify where you cannot see the 21st zap using either a screen recording or screenshots?

oket I’am adding

these are the ones i can see in glide. There are 20 zaps. But much more zap was made for this application.

I just created 21 test Zaps and only the first 20 show up in the Trigger Zap action, just like @Nilgul_Bozkurt is showing. @SantiagoPerez is this as designed?

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@Nilgul_Bozkurt I can see 21 Zaps now. Glide might have updated something. You should give it another try to see if you can see more than 20 now.

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