Trigger zap

How many zaps can we add to an app? I can’t see the 21st zap

Try zooming out in your browser.

again I see 20 zap names at most

Ok. I figure they might have been hidden. Worth a shot.

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Is there a limit on this @SantiagoPerez ?

There’s no limit on the number of Zaps you can add to a project.


There isn’t a limit of zaps, but there is a limit of parameters/fields that are sent in the zap using the Trigger Zapier action. @Nilgul_Bozkurt can you please clarify where you cannot see the 21st zap using either a screen recording or screenshots?

oket I’am adding

these are the ones i can see in glide. There are 20 zaps. But much more zap was made for this application.

I just created 21 test Zaps and only the first 20 show up in the Trigger Zap action, just like @Nilgul_Bozkurt is showing. @SantiagoPerez is this as designed?

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@Nilgul_Bozkurt I can see 21 Zaps now. Glide might have updated something. You should give it another try to see if you can see more than 20 now.

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Hey I have the same problem. ich have about 26 Zaps created but only see the first 20 when I am in Glide. Is there any workaround know how i can reach the “hidden” once?

I recommend using the Trigger Webhook action instead of the Zapier integration. The webhook action isn’t limited like the Zapier action is. And, the Zapier integration is now labeled as “Legacy” in Glide. In Zapier, you’ll use the Webhook trigger instead of the Glide trigger.

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