Triger a zap with submit button in forms

It will be great if we could trigger a zap with submit button in forms (even better if it will be Integromat)
So many use cases… For example, I send information to my bot when the form is submitted. I placed for this purpose additional button in the form named it “Confirm” but in reality I need it only to trigger zap. Plus I can’t make it “required”, so the user can submit the form without tapping the button and the bot will lose information…
We really need it :pray:t2:

Wouldn’t it be easier to link the the sheet to zapier or integromat and have it monitor the sheet for new form entries?


I’m with @Jeff_Hager here. I have a Zap set up within Zapier. Every time a new row is added to a particular sheet (a sheet that, by the way, is only ever updated by a form sent from Glide… ie, someone had to press a submit button for that to happen), my zap sends a message to our community discord alerting the community that a new piece of form-based content has been added.

I’m unclear how a zap trigger on a form submit button would be any different than this.

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Yes, it’s the first thought that comes to mind and I tried it. But Integromat does not have an instant trigger for the new row (it checks for changes once in 15 minutes) and Zap triggered by sheet works much slower than Zaps triggered by Glide’s button. I send info to the bot and then bot return answer to Glide and we need it as fast as possible because it’s part of the shopping cart flow…

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The advantage of a zap triggered by a Glide form submission would be the instant exeuction of the zap, but also, most important, a good way to prevent Zapier desynchro. If you always add rows in your sheet using a Glide form and your zap is triggered by a change on your gsheet AND if your users don’t delete any row via Glide, you’ll never have desynchro problem. But if your users can delete your submission (and if you have a script doing some cleanup in your sheet to delete the empty row), than Zapier will be desynchronized. I already posted in this forum about this issue, and if youn look at the Google Sheet integration section of the Zapier website, you’ll see lot of warnings or considerations to take into account when using Zapier + Google sheet.

I think the most your automation will be independant of your sheet, the better you’ll be.


The topic is told in my previous post

I just have read your post @Christophe_HK - very helpful thank you! I’m new to Zapier, we use mostly Integromat in our projects.
I did not know about desynchro problems and already got a two hours headache because of this.
I’ve set a Zap tested it - it worked but slowly that I did not like but decided to give it more tests later. After I’ve deleted test rows to start from clean sheet. My Zap stopped to work. Everything OK from the Zapier dashboard side but it does not work! Finely I deleted Zap and reinstall it - it works now but I don’t like it already :laughing:
After all this, I decided to ask for the new feature…

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It happened the same thing to me. Working in pre-production and once in production, no zap. That’s to know, then we can cope with.

But anyway, Glide will be extra powerful when we will be able to associate zaps to glide actions, and when glide will be able to receive data from zapier!

This makes a lot of sense. My form never has deleted data, so it would never have a desyncro issue… but yeah, if rows were ever changed, I could see how this would be a major issue. Thanks @Christophe_HK

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Would also love the ability to SOMEHOW trigger a visibility state on components that have Zapier actions.

My use case is the triggering of an SMS message when a work order has been completed. Currently, there’s nothing stopping the worker from pressing that button 15 times in a row.


I was in the middle of asking you how you do the SMS notifications, then I read the last sentence of your comment and I was like, “I’m good for now.” :joy:

Here’s a link that may help you. I explained how to setup notifications for any part of the app ithin the google sheet. This same technique could be used when submitting forms.


This is indeed how I set up the notifications.

Did you get the method from that post?

If you are wanting to prevent messages from being sent and avoid the multiple button press issue you can setup a trigger that removes the formula used to send the sms message and re add it after a delay. the button can still be pressed obviously but the formula used wont calculate in sheets to send the sms message for whatever time span you chose.

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