Zapier on Form Submission

From the documentation, I understand that Zapier is currently available on buttons, images and text components. I would like it to happen on form submissions, as I would like new entries of a form that adds a new row on a sheet to be immediately notified to me through a phone call.

I’m no Zapier expert but I seem to remember posts talking about Zapiers ability to monitor a Googles sheet and if a new row is added trigger something which I assume could be what you need.

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Exact. To monitor new rows and get notified, connect directly zapier with your Google sheet. No need to duplicate an already existing zapier feature within Glide itself.

It’s a good thing to have zapier integration for Glide working only on Glide components (and not on gsheet contents).

Thanks! Ill check zapier use directly with google sheets

who will be calling you to notify you? if you’re looking for an automated message, im sure its possible, but maybe a text service like hey market or simply an email notification to your email account.

It’s students who send a tutoring request, and I would like it to reach tutors who may not have opened the glide app, but through a call or an audio notification.