Glide form notifications

Hi Guys- I am a 73 year old and new to glide and am having a problem that when someone fills and submits a form from the app its goes to Google Sheets but I do not get the notification I have set up — however if I add the info to sheets then the notification works. Hope I’ve explained this correctly and would appriciate any advice. Cheers Roy

Hi. What mechanism are you using for the notifications?

Hi I’m using the Google sheets notification rules in the tools section.

Can you show us some screenshots of where that is? We usually use Zapier/Integromat for things like this.

I’ve never used that. My normal route would be to utilise Integromat (or Zapier which I like less). This is a service that you can set to scan your Google Sheet on a regular basis and trigger when something happens, for example when a new row is created. Once triggered you can then configure an action, which in your case might be to send an email, with the contents of the row, to a specific email address.

Seems like he misunderstands a form submit from Glide is the same as a Google Forms submit. Forms directly link with the Spreadsheet and is a Sheet itself, while Glide write new rows to your sheet of choice.

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