You can now configure custom actions to occur upon form submission!



Oh my, all those countless hours I’ve spent rolling my own forms… :crazy_face:


This is awesome! Finally we can have an action on a submit! Improved my apps flows at least. One step closer to an ideal flow!

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Timing on this is spot on, was on my list to look at this week. Thanks for sharing

Will update with my flow suggestions when I have had time to play :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s it :ok_hand::ok_hand: waiting for pushing data to glide table via Zapier or any magic tool and we can say that Glide now is one of a kind among the low code tools


This is So Good!

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A delay action will be crazy :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Nice find, Robert!

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This is awesome for us who built custom carts for form submissions

I actually completely stopped using forms on my newer apps because the compound actions allowed me to perform form actions as well as others…Now I have to get back to forms…I guess either way it’s a good thing.


Could you explain the use case, please?

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Been tryna do this all day lol I feel stupid do you have a tutorial on how you set up the thank you screen and all

Hey @Valentine_Madzhie,

It looks like he created a separate detailed tab for that screen.

Then, in the form features>action, it seems that he set it up to navigate to that screen.

I hope that helps.

I made a thank you screen that when a specific cell is changed it makes my home tab invisible and a thank you tab visible. At the same time a script runs and cleared that cell. The delay is about 5 seconds so the thank you screen stays visible for 5 seconds


Will try figure it out tomorrow

Use cases as the following: @Mark

Scenario 1, Gsheet Sync Time
We have many apps that rely on the import range since the data is in other sheets and we rely on the update with Zapier.

So if we have lists that have items that we need it to be updated to be on certain condition in filters then it takes a while to get removed from the list and the workaround is we are using the amazon compound action to take the row id and add it to a temporary sheet to be able to immediate hide till the glide sync time with google sheet is complete as sometimes it confuses the uses because zapier actions take time to sync effect within the back.

So for this kind of scenarios, it will be great to delay for 10 mins then clear that row to save the performance from having a lot of rows in the sheets and affect the speed of the App

Scenario 2, Data Completed Properly AKA data validity, which I think its powerful also using glide sheets:

An admin will create a report of his colleague and this report needs to be filled by his colleagues, so if there is a “filter step” within the action compound for that particular row then we will delay for 1 day and wait then check if the rest of the row data is filled or not, and if not then send a notification or an email to remind the other person to fill them out

Scenario number 3, Sync Time across app users using glide table also

Data added to the glide table it takes time to appear to the user, so if we used a send email action and the user just opened the app directly within a min of the email got received he might not find the data in his app, so adding a delay for 3 mins will solve the issue to ensure that the data is synced across everything.

We rely a lot on emails for notification and this is a major need

Scenario Number 4, Delay till a date:

Common usage when it comes to events on a certain date and creates an action based on it if users use the events component or calendars or deadlines


I love it. Just in time for my project. Thanks for sharing.

Any news from “Submit” button?

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Is it possible to have in the edit or the Add views a compound action to run based on it specially for updates ?


A simple solution to ask of this is adding a timer. I requested a timer like 8 months ago. We could use it as a delay for these exact situations, use them to build games that rely on quick thinking, allow for actions to automate after timer runs out, it could be used to display images that change every few seconds, the list goes on and on… Timers can be used to send emails every 30 minutes or every 24 hours, we could build alarm apps, it’s just a logical step to make.

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