Execute After Form Submit?

Is this intended behavior? There are many cases where I’d like to do a few things after a user submits a form.

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That’s not the intended behavior. I believe you may have found a bug.

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I created a new test project to troubleshoot this because I was trying it out in a very complex app.

I am finding the opposite behavior. The entire action is executing without waiting for the form submit.

In this case, I would like to add the user as an event attendee AFTER they create a new event.


From what I understand, the actions can’t currently be tied to a Submit Form action. Forms themselves add rows to a sheet, so I think a different set of actions would be needed to make them work with the Submit button.

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Seems like it. Bummer, I have many use cases where I need to do stuff after a form submit. Some of these things are basic and others support my community engagement & retention features.

In case this is of any value to the Glide team, this limitation requires me to use integromat for this kinda stuff:

  • Add a new group: add group creator as a member, add them to a drip email campaign
  • Add a new event: Auto RSVP an event creator to a new event, send notification to all group members, award points, send slack alert
  • New place created: Award points
  • Add Review to Place: Award points, notify person that added it
  • Finish profile: Award points to someone for completing their profile



That’s really what it is. The action is just a “show form” not a “wait for form submission”. I’ve mentioned this to @Mark as well.


It would be great if the compound action would wait for the form to submit. Then (after form submission) a navigation redirect.

I’m sure many gliders are looking for this combo.

Looking forward to future development. I’ve already replaced zappier actions with add new row and loving it! :sunglasses:


After submit is a great action needed indeed


@Robert_Petitto would I be correct in saying that the ‘Add Row’ action (once it’s fixed) would provide a workaround to this?

Yes you are correct.

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I just wanted to vote again for this

The way am thinking in this tool it will replace google sheet data entry and rely on Zapier to push data out of glide and at the same time using the glide table when a user submit an entry, which in this case we call it add new row in google sheet behaviour and detect it and action based on the data

Secondly send emails an example after a certain submission

Third use to redirect the user to a certain success tab to complete an action

There are many use cases that I think we will be needing untill glide finds a way to talk to glide tables from outside

We are replacing alot of data and rely on glide tables to increase the performance of the apps and only use Google sheet in advanced formulas and data relationship from other data storages from different technologies

Sorry for the long thread