What Actions do you wish Glide had?

Hi all! At Glide we are starting to think about how we are going to make it possible to make more powerful actions when users are interacting with your app. I’d love to hear about the actions you have been missing in your apps so far.

For example: I have an app where I’d like a flag to be set in my users’ profiles when their survey forms have been completed.


Sign in/up button

  • Blind form submit (only using column values and special values) to submit a form without a form screen. Like a zap.
  • Blind column update. Like above, but update a current row value. Can’t think of a good use case, but an idea.
  • Alternating switch from true to false and vice versa. Much like the increment action, but as a switch.
  • Multiple actions. For example combine a zap and the increment action.
  • Mass clear of checkboxes from multiple rows or mass update column in multiple rows. Could be used with a relation or entire sheet.

Exactly! Actions that do something AND something else…not just actions though—any input or action component.


  • When I mark a switch true, it marks another switch false.
  • When I “view details” of a post, it increments the “post read” counter by 1
  • When I push an increment button, also mark the “hide button?” switch “True”

Link to existing tabs. They already have link to screens but we still have to rebuild the screen from scratch. It would be great to link to an existing screen.
Link to Forms in the same way as above.
Submitting data to the sheet without a form just like the increment button does (Should allow text values too)


Ways to customize buttons would be great. Two main things:

  • Colour
  • Icons

Also the ability to embed iframes would change a lot! For instance, we have live chat from Vimeo that we need to embed and right now the only way is to open a webview link. It would be great to put that inline instead. Another application of that would be Typeform embeds. You could have a form that does very complex actions feel very native to the app, instead of a webview link.


Let’s keep the topic on Actions, instead of mentioning all of our dream feature requests.


Action for premium content that will first take you to the sign in page if not signed in, then redirect to the content selected.

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“wait” or “Delay” action.
Similar to increment, “wait n seconds” before moving to next component in list.
Case: enter email, google sheet to Zap sends Activation code, where Glide ask user to enter in the next field. So, waiting for above to take place be good before showing the next field.
(2) Conditional Actions associated with Filter or visibility rules
(may be similar to what @Robert_Petitto mentioned if I read him right)
Case: If filter of a specific parameter is TRUE, do Action x, else do Action y, etc.
(3) “Show Form” action if a form is called from a parent form
(4) recall a form that already exist somewhere else in the App.

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  • Action button to delete

  • Action button to do this then that so building a kind of work flow.

  • Sign in as guest, sign in as admin


Here are a few I’ve thought of so far:

  • Workflow action with conditional logic
  • Creating or Updating a row without having to open a form with preferably the ability to add custom values and not just values from the current screen’s row values
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I like this this THEN that rather than just this AND that.

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Also want to emphasize that the chained action proposal (eg. Do This and then increment That column by 1) should be able to perform across sheets.

So, in the example above, I could submit a form and increment a column by one in another sheet via relation (eg relation between email address that’s submitting the form and the email address of the user profile). Similar to how the new link to screen works with relations.


That would certainly help me out with this Google Sheet Formula gurus I need help

A few more

  • Take a picture

  • Post to my social media (once we have deep linking)

  • Print my screen

  • Create bar code

  • Create broadcast message (for admins or users)

  • Send push notification (if and when we get push notifications)

  • Upload multiple images


I would love a Print Screen option. I have invoices that are a detail screen formated with several components. It would be awesome to take that layout and directly print it. I know Android can directly print from the browser.


Agree, I have a few use cases for this.

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I would love to see:

  • Edit/Add Buttons (where the Edit/Add menu opens), for clear call to actions
  • Update columns (not only add)
  • Link to different tabs
  • Click on user in chat/comment to see Profil
  • leave reply to comment, mentions in chat
  • select who can add items (just like in add)

I like your first bullet CTA button for add item, edit button, submit form, etc. We’ve already got the sign in button now…keep em coming @mark!


Yes I would love to have an edit/delete button. The pencil icon works, but sometimes users miss that and I have to have a text pointing them to that icon to do the edit/delete.

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