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I’ll go first:

:crossed_swords: BOSS BATTLES


@Robert_Petitto would a Do Nothing or Empty Action be desirable? That seems to be how you are using Reshuffle. Can you explain how this would be useful to you, if so?


Right now, Inline lists have “action: none”. It would be the same. Compound Action to basically gate the details view of an item unless a condition is met. Another example: eLearning. If you pay to take a course, then make it accessible.


Hey Robert, is it possible to change the image of the boss during each attack? I did not yet have the time to dive into these compound actions, but maybe it´s possible to change the image value of the boss on the fly, thinking of cloudinary aswell here.

Thanks for your repsonse! Very cool stuff btw! :slight_smile:

As in when the boss attacks then show the boss attack image and when the boss defends show a boss shield image? Could be possible using an increment as part of the compound action and then match the boss image number to the increment field.

Pro tip: Mod formula in a math column works well here to only have a remainder of 1 2 or 3 for example when incrementing!

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You could show the boss in states of increasing bodily degradation as its health deteriorates.

Sure could! Want to find the graphics for me? :sweat_smile:

haha! I wish my graphic design skillz were that good :crazy_face:

:crossed_swords: Boss Battles Part 2: Turn Based Battles!


  • Single Value > Random to generate random attack value for Boss/User
  • User Specific column to tally total damage dealt
  • Compound Action to
    1. Reshuffle Random Numbers
    2. Increment total damage columna by Random Number
    3. Increment User Specific Turn Column by 1
  • Mod Math Formula to determine whose turn it is
  • Conditional Action buttons and text based on whose turn it is


The weird thing is that I spend more time watching Robert and Jack’s videos than actually using Glide


Me next!

Let’s track clicks! Just like this forum does!

Also, you can’t see it bringing me to google, but it does!!

Yayyyy Go Glide!!

im getting fancy with markdown here

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Very nice! You can easily do a click count now with inline lists too. Instead of view details, use a compound action that increments column and THEN View Details.


Is this finally available?

It’s live now.


So can u use the form submission action to now take you back to your homepage?

It IS???!!! Party time!!!

We are working on a bunch of new actions coming next week. One of them is ‘Go to Tab’, and also ‘Go Back’–those should help you make complex navigation effects.


OMG DAVID, I think would be next week!

but nothing can be done from the form submission action currently correct?

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YAY FOR GO BACK! I was just wondering about this!