Compound action help very much needed

Hey Guys,

I am trying wrap my head around “Compound actions” .
Basically, I have a detailed screen where I want to hide a certain number of information and I wish to create a button that

  • fills in a cell in an empty column
  • link to a screen at the same time.
    The goal is to hide a certain number of data if you are not the person who is assigned to the project.
    If you are the person assigned to the project, then you will have the detailed screen with all the information. Does that make sense?
    I understand the “set column” action however I do not get the logic of the compound actions.
    Is anyone kind enough to explain?
    Then I will figure out if this is the feature I need to achieve my Goal.

Merci beaucoup :kissing_heart:

Probably something like this.

  • Increment/set column on the empty column
  • Navigate to tab/link to screen and then in that screen you set visibility conditions based on the column you just edited above?
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