Button Action to Hide/Show Components

Add a new action type associated to the button that can hide or show components when clicked.

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I have been using switch to hide and show. Button would be better.

Thanks for the suggestion! My use case would be to send a message. I would like to hide some components and show others once the button is selected.

I recently did something like this with the increment action. Essentially it always increments a number column. Then I use a math column to divide the increment column value by 2 with decimals and another math column to divide by 2 without decimals (rounded). Then a template column to save the actual value of the second math column without decimals. Then I use an If Then column to compare the template column, with the rounded value, to the first math column with a not rounded value. If the number match I return true. If not, I return false. I use this on a little state plate game so you can tap on a license plate on a tile list and the image changes from the plate to a check mark image. Tap again and it flips back to the image of the plate.


Same with Jeff, I use button as an increment action on a user-specific column. Components will be shown when the value is 1, hidden when the value is not 1.

I have 2 buttons, 1 show button to increment by 1 when the value is not 1, 1 hide button to increment by -1 when the value is 1.


I did a quick one here as a test.


Template Columns to set increments - Hideit = 1, Unhideit = -1,
Using a column set to 0 as visible, and 1 as hidden. The Hide button disappears when the inline list does, and the Unhide button disappears when the list is visible.


You can use Switch or even check box. If value in the row for the checkbox header is true, show certain components and hide others. On unchecking it, If it is false, show some and hide some.