Hide/Unhide components on sheet visible to all users

I have a screen displaying a list of Restaurants, in the details view I have a toggle switch mapped to View info? column which sets it to true/false

I have a visibility condition to display and hide based on View info? for various components.

The issue is that when one user has switch to false, it replicates across all other users and vice-versa.

Since this is a “public” sheet viewed by everyone this isn’t working as desired.

are there any other options to hide/unhide the components?

Would it work with a true/false attached to a user-specific column? Users have to login if that works, but I don’t think there’s a workaround.

I get your logic, but how do I write to a user-specific column, I can’t see the user on the list to write the true/false value to from the Restaurant details view

I attach a video, hope it can help.

Basically create a new boolean user-specific column in the Data Editor, then link it with your switch. Tell me if it works as intended.


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Perfect! this worked.

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Nice to hear it, if you need any further assistance just message me or drop an email at ariesarsenal@gmail.com. Have a nice day!