Boolean and User specific columns- tabs for only certain users

I have an inline list that is only visible when IS Admin is true. Inside that list I created a boolean that when checked, allows for a tab to be switched on and off. The boolean columns in the data editor are user specific. As such, I am finding that if I want to allow one user to see the tab, it is not working because the column is user specific: when I switch to their account, the data editor is not showing the check mark that I assigned to their profile row back in my admin account. So, at the moment, I can only show the tab for everyone or just myself, but not a specific general user. Any ideas?

If you have a specific “role” for each user it would work.

Firstly, you should use a normal boolean column, not a user-specific one.

Then, construct as many rows in the “check” sheet as you would need for the total types of users you have. Let’s say Group A, Group B, Group C.

Each check would write to an arrayformula column the name of the tab you want to hide for that specific group of user. Something like below.

Now back to the user profiles sheet in Glide, create a relation matching the role of the signed-in user to the role column (group A/B/C) in the check sheet and return the concatenated columns of sheets to be hidden in a lookup column.

Show a specific tab when that tab’s name is not included in the concatenated columns of sheets to be hidden.

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I use checkbox fields to turn visibility on and off for users. You can add one to use specifically for this tab. If the box is checked, they can see it, if not, they can’t. Under the visibility settings, make it so it’s visible if “checkbox” = 1.



I think I have that set up but the problem I am running into is that I want the Teacher/Admin to be able to hide the tabs for other students except certain ones using a check box component. When I try it as you and I have it set up, the changes apply to all users/students because the visibility filter is “Cargo Bay is true”. If one student has a check box then Glide is looking all through the column for a check/true and showing the tab to everyone- its not excluding those that are not checked. …or am I missing something?

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Wow, not sure what I was doing wrong but it is working now. Thanks!


If you have the checkboxes for each user, access rights won’t jump right from one user to another. Only the user with the checkbox marked will see what you want. I know it takes some work to set up… So what I have is essentially a field of checkboxes in my spreadsheet. It’s a pain to try and keep that straight with almost a hundred employees. I have a couple admin people who have the ability in the app to set the rights for the users. If you see below - the top view is an admin, the other view is what a “regular” user sees. Again, all based on those switches and visibility settings.

The cool part is you can add extra rights separate from those user groups.

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I was just ready to post this when I =saw you had it figured out. but I’m posting it anyway.


yea, good idea, will help someone else down the road. Thanks again!


This works great guys. Thank you so much.