Conditional Component Visibility for User Specific Columns

How do I allow signed in users to see information from a User-Specific Column. I’ve tried changing with many visibility and filter conditions and it’s not working. I need to allow a signed in user/owner to edit their content without anyone else changing, but I also need to allow certain users to see it.

As the name suggest is a user-sprcific column, so only the signed in user can view it. However, you can research the Trebuchet Method created by @Lucas_Pires that may help you solve this issue. You also have a great tutorial about this topic from our teacher in the community, @Robert_Petitto


Here are the threads.


Actually, this makes creating apps in Glide more difficult, especially if you are not an expert. It doesn’t make any sense. There has to be an more simple way to manage a business app. For example, if I have several project managers, all the managers need to be able to add content specific to their team members without other project managers altering specific team data. But, all members of a team, should be able to see secure, specific items. The way the Glide documentation states “User-specific columns allow cells to hold unique data for each user. This means each user can experience their own data for a particular item”. But, the visibility conditions should be made for a team of users. I guess, I need to do a feature request. Even if roles are assigned, I still need to be able to allow some users to edit and some to only view sort of like read/write for computer settings, etc. Glide is supposed to be a more simple way, and not so complex. I think the Trebuchet Method works for buttons, but what if I want to add my own video without everyone having the same video and allow specific users to edit. Maybe this can be a feature request Thanks for the input.

it is very simple… user-specific columns are only for a specific user, if you want a specific group of users to see values… you need to assign roles and make visibility, filtering or editing be based on roles.
Very simple.
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In another post I mentioned that the trebuchet method is really only good for one to one relations. It is not an improvement to creating a new record in a new sheet. If you want to add a video without everyone else having the same video, then you would need to have a sheet that houses this relation. Call the sheet some thing like user videos and allow a user to add a new role to the sheet complete with the video information and the email address or user ID of the user. Then create a condition where only select users have access to that row. There are many ways to go about doing this

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Thank you

Thank you, much appreciated. I did like the videos showing the Trebuchet Methhod.