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Hi everyone,
I just started using Glide for a project and it’s really interesting, but I wanted some help with one aspect.
One of my sheets will need users to view details of an assignment and upload their work through the file picker component. I was thinking I could use the user-specific column feature and make 1 column for each student’s assignments (with the assignments in different rows, one below the other).

However, when I tried doing this, I couldn’t link a specific column to a specific email address without there being a column dedicated for user’s email in that sheet. Is there any way to do this?

Please let me know.

Hi, just to make sure, what settings are you using for the app - public or public with email?

Public with email

The user-specific column should not require an email column in that same sheet. The only problem is that only the user will be able to view that detail, and you as the admin can only view it via the editor.

So the problem I’m facing is that I have to manually select which column the upload will go to, and if I have many users, I can’t make an assignment for each user and program it to write to a specific column.
I was hoping there was a filter that would automatically identify the signed-in user and link the user’s upload with the relevant user-specific column.
That’s why I was thinking if I set a filter that the email is signed-in user, and a user-specific column is linked to an email, then I will be able to automatically upload the file onto that column.

Why do you have to select the column it writes to? I’m thinking you have different rows for each assignment, then one column to store the upload, which is a user-specific one. When you have a file picker component inside each detailed screen for each assignment, the user’s upload will be stored in that user-specific column for the row.

But if I have more than 1 user’s data being written to 1 user specific column, won’t it overwrite the previous data? That’s what I thought.

That’s what the user-specific column is for, it won’t overwrite other users’ inputs but as I said above, only the user will be able to view that detail, and you as the admin can only view it via the editor.

Ohh, yes I just tested it out and it works!
So then if I wanted to view everyone’s uploads as the admin how would I do that?

Use the “preview as” feature on the left side menu.

To be honest, if you can afford having many rows, make a form and get the uploads in separate rows. That would make it easier for you.