How to add user profiles that team members can edit

Hi all! I’m brand new to Glide and trying to figure out how to configure a user profile with user-specific data columns that team members can edit. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Started “User Profiles” in source sheet with all applicable columns
  2. Attached Profile on app to “User Profiles” sheet
  3. Created custom “Image Picker” and “Text Entry” fields for the Avatar & name

Here’s where I run into the issue. Any fields created in my Google Sheet are not user-specific, so when one user edits them, they’re edited for everyone.

But when I create spreadsheet rows in Glide itself, Glide pages don’t recognize those custom fields.

Example: the “Avatar” field in this shot is uploaded to a user-specific field, but you’ll see the User Profile image is still the default first letter of my name.
To the right, the drop-down menu doesn’t recognize “Avatar” as an option to power the User Profile image because “Avatar” is a custom Glide row:

How do I get Glide pages to recognize custom Glide rows with user-specific fields, so my app can actually be customizable across users??

Thanks y’all!


Maybe I’m not fully understanding your use case here. So you have a table with user profiles. Those user profiles have an image associated with them. If I’m understanding correctly, you want to use user specific columns so that you have the ability for multiple users to be able to upload different images for one particular user? So for example, If you were signed in, you would be able to view your own profile with the image that you uploaded, but if I signed in but viewed your profile, I could upload any image I wanted to your profile? So when you view your own profile, you see one image, but if I view your profile, I could see a different image. I guess the use case seems odd to me.

I guess if it were me, I would have a basic non user-specific image column which could be associated with the user profile image setting, but then If I still wanted to allow other users to have the ability to upload their own image of me, then you could still have a second image column that was in fact user specific. The basic image would only be visible when the signed in user is viewing their user profile screen, or at the top right of the page, but if a user is viewing a list of all user profiles, then you can still display the user specific column if you prefer

Again, maybe I’m totally misunderstanding your use case to have something like this, but it’s new to me…or maybe you aren’t understanding how user specific columns work? I mean, user profile fields, such as Name, Email, and Image are not really meant to be user specific since they are so integral to how user profiles work.

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Hi Patrick!

You don’t need user specific columns for this purpose. Any column in the user sheet is by nature user specific. Better to make the Avatar column, for example, just a basic > Image column. Then it will show up in your Google Sheet and thus in all apps/pages using the Google Sheet as a source.

If multiple users are seeing each other’s data, then you need to filter your screens/tabs to where email > is signed in user.


Thank you so much, Robert!

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