User Profile Updates via Forms (only updating 1st Row for all users)

I set up the User Profile feature with additional columns (fields) as described here:

However, when I created a form for the user to update information/ add to his profile, it adds it all on row 1 - just keeps wiping out the information from first user.

How can you have Users each update their own profile fields?

Do all fields have to be ‘user specific’ enabled even though the app creates on user per row?

This is pretty confusing and doesn’t seem to be covered in documentation.

Hi, I just struggled with this topic which @ThinhDinh and @Jeff_Hager solved.

The answer may be here (in a word: don’t use a form, but a button with link-to-screen ‘profile’ + message to user to edit their profile:)


Hi @qb15,

The way I do this is apply row owners to the user sheet and then add as many columns in that sheet as customizable fields you need. Then, because each user is only allowed to see their row, you can simply expose the columns on an editable page and voila. Each user has their own row of information to edit. In this way you do not need a form, as forms will always write to a new row.

@AyS_0908 Thanks for posting this - this fixed it! :slight_smile:

Man, what a work around!


Nice to hear it worked :wink:

For once I give an answer rather than questionning: my pleasure!