Is 'row owner' now called 'user specific column'?

Tutorials from 2021 reference an option for ‘row owners’…which I can’t seem to find in 2023. Has ‘row owners’ been renamed as ‘user specific columns?’

If ‘row owners’ does indeed still exist, may I ask for a hint on where to find it?
I’m trying to create a user profile intake form using the fabulous tutorial from Robert Pettito (Thank you Robert).

Each new profile is overriding the first row on the sheet.
After making some of the columns user-specific, I have fixed that problem but now the template is broken somewhere.

This is a long explanation for how I found ‘row owners’ in the glide documentation.
Thank you

Row owners have always been there.

User-specific columns is a different thing in Glide.

I think this sounds wrong. Without knowing more, wouldn’t you have a form to write “new” profiles to the table?

Perhaps that is what I am doing wrong. I was using existing, incomplete profiles in a test app to see if the functionality worked. I can try erasing all data from the Users sheet in the test app to see if this solves the problem.

That may not have been the solution. After clearing out the previous rows, I was able to successfully create a new user…kind of. The form functionality worked in that it recognized that the email, photo, and username were populated which then hid the ‘Welcome!’ screen. Good!

A bit confusing is that it didn’t write any of the info into the Glide table. Is this was is meant by ‘the data lives in the Glide editor but not the Glide table’? If so…how does the Relation column and Rollup column look for existing usernames to check for availability of a username? The email, username, photo, and profileCompletedOn columns are blank.

This is the Glide table after ‘successfully’ creating a user profile in the builder. Any thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly? The Email, username, and photo columns are currently user-specific. Is that my error?

There isn’t much of a reason to use user specific columns with your use case. Only use user specific columns if you expect multiple users to fill unique values in the same cell in the same column and row.

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It appears that I tied myself in knots, trying to test too many things at once. After removing the user-specific column tags, it works.
Thank you :pray:

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