Visiting my Glide Web Page App automatically creates a new blank User row

Hi! I noticed that every time I refresh or visit my web app, it’ll create a new User row with my email filled in, even though I already exist in the Users table.

Is this a bug or can I prevent it from creating a new row? Whenever this happens it messes up my User relations in other tables, so would love to get this fixed asap.


What is weird in your screenshot is that your email is a user-specific column. If I’m right you can’t set up a User Profiles sheet with your column being user-specific? Have you configured User Profiles for this app?


Just to help clarify what @ThinhDinh is saying, you already have rows that are specific to each user. The only time you would need a user specific column would be if multiple users are entering data into the same row/column cell. User specific columns allow multiple users to have a unique experience and input data that is unique to them in a row that is shared my everybody. Since you have a row for each individual user, then there is no need for user specific columns.


@ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager Thank you for the solution and clarification!! Removing user-specific fixed the bug.


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