Possible bug in Login/User profile

Occasionally a new row with only users email is added at the bottom of the user profile (google sheet), which creates problem.

The user already exists in the user profile.
Allow user to edit is not on.
It is not a Google account.
I have noticed in the App:Logins that the user has logged in several times within same hour.

What do you think?

Was the original row added by Glide when the user logged in the first time or was it added by a Glide form?

I saw this in one of my apps yesterday!

In my case, it’s a Google Sheet. I took a screen shot before I deleted the extra rows.

The names shown there (that’s the email column) are all duplicates of existing users.
There are no formulas anywhere in the Google Sheet.
I was trying to find a correlation between this and App: logins, but couldn’t see anything obvious. It’s a little difficult because these “phantom rows” have no timestamps.
I also did a “Find all uses” on the email column. There is only one action in the whole app that adds a row to the table - when a new user is created (it’s a Private Pro app).

Weird, huh?

@Jeff_Hager any thoughts on this one?

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That is weird. My first though for @Ralf would be to double check to make sure that there are no other actions in the app that may be adding a row. Probably not the case here, but always good to double check.

My only other thought, is that I wonder if for some reason the data isn’t completely synced between glide and google when the user signs in, and for some reason glide didn’t know an existing row existed, so it created a new one.

Maybe a temporary glitch with the connection between glide and google??? I think I’ve seen some other post with people having issues signing in, but it didn’t seem to be widespread, so maybe something was going on.


Yeah, it is weird. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

In my case, this is an app I built for a client and they went live with it a couple of weeks ago. Prior to going live, there was at least about a month of quite intensive testing and I never saw anything like this. And the app hasn’t been touched since they went live, so I was quite surprised to find this yesterday. The good news is that there didn’t appear to be any negative impact on the app performance, and there were no issues reported from users. Row Owners are applied to the User Profiles table, so I suspect these extra rows were just being ignored. I did a scan of the generated RowID’s, and couldn’t find them being referenced anywhere else.

Yeah, that seems the most likely explanation. For now, I’'ve just removed the extra rows and will keep an eye on it for a few days.

Actually @Jeff_Hager - just another thought. In recent times I’ve been finding that occassionally when I open an app in the builder all data will load, except for the User Profiles table, which remains empty. When this happens, I usually have to exit the app and then open it again and then it loads. Have you noticed this behaviour? I wonder if it’s related… :thinking:

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Was the original row added by Glide when the user logged in the first time or was it added by a Glide form?
Yes, added from Glide!

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It has also happened in an app where the user profile is an importrange array, which caused a disaster!

Yeah, that’s not good at all.
I’m not sure if you do this, but when using importrange it’s always a good idea to keep your column headers static, and start the importrange from the second row. This helps to minimise the damage if the importrange ever breaks, as any Glide computed columns will remain intact.

Could it be a strange user behaviour? In my case it has happened to two of my users several times!

Hard to say. If you see a bunch of App: login records, then it’s possible that they were having problems signing into the app at the time, or something wasn’t working for them when they attempted to sign in. Might be worth reaching out to the users to see if they experienced any problems.


@Darren_Murphy and @Ralf

Could you share a copy of this app where we can see the same behavior? You can send it to you in private as we might need to copy them.

Also, you can delete any functionality that is not related to this issue.

@SantiagoPerez It is exactly the same problem as @Darren_Murphy’s, I think it is better that you collaborate with him!

Today same user for the 3rd time!
Logged in days ago.

It is a simple members register. The user can see his own data and can do nothing but upload photo.

@Ralf - is your app Private or Public?


okay, and is your Email Whitelist sheet the same sheet as your User Profiles, or do you have a separate sheet?

I’m asking, because I have a theory and I’m looking for similarities between your setup and my setup.

Same sheet!

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It seems to be a bug!

I have two apps:

  1. Members register where the user profile is the register.
  2. A sub register where the user profile is a query to an importrange from the members register.

In the members register occasionally a new row with only users email is added at the bottom of the members register which also is the user profile.

Since queries of importranges do not dynamically add new rows I have limited the range to 1500 rows although the current content is about 1000 rows.

Today I found these inputs from row 1501!

What do you think?

Have you submitted your issue to glide support or made a copy for @SantiagoPerez?

So the app that creates the row is the Members Register app? And that is the app that does NOT use the importrange to load the user profile table?

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No, both apps creates these rows.
Members Register app creates the rows at the end of the sheet, the sub app creates the rows below the the importrange, which ends at row 1500.