User profile error

I am logging in to the app as a new user, but my email is not promptly showing up on the USER SHEET. It is showing up after 15 minutes. It has never happened before. Because of that, my entire app is not functioning properly. The forms that I am filling are not being shown on the sheet as well. Please help its urgent.

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I have the same issue with my apps…

@ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto @Darren_Murphy @JackVaughan Please look into this. I think it is an issue from glides backend as it has never happened before.

I don’t have access to Glide’s backend…I’m an expert, not a Glide engineer.


Might be related to another issue a client of mine was experiencing yesterday where after signing in 15-30 user rows were being created. Something is awry. @Mark @SantiagoPerez


Exactly. Multiple user rows are being created.

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@Robert_Petitto Can you please tag someone from Glide engineering team? I have to deliver an app but with this issue, I can’t deliver it to them :frowning:

I already submitted a helpdesk ticket last night.

Feeling a little relaxed as I thought it is just me who is facing this issue.

On Twitter the Glide team said they are now actively investigating. Also, my issues are going away…

FYI, some servers were down around the world, especially in Europe. Some headlines in the news. Maybe related?

@Robert_Petitto et al,

There is s fix coming up for this in the next few days. We’ll let you know when is up and running.

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I understand that Glide does (and always has) updated Glide during the day time.

I beg of you, please stop updating Glide on Monday mornings. You’re killing me.


Can you please share the link to this tweet?

Can you please give an estimated timeline of when this error will be fixed?

Oof…a few days? Okay. Thanks!


Hope my client understands that. Can someone share an official update on this from Glide so I can show it to my client :frowning:

Not exactly what you’re looking for but you could subscribe here for updates.

Hey everyone,

A fix is on its way. It should take about 2 hours or so. Please, report back and let us know.


Is this issue relating to all signup/login entry information? My users are having issue uploading their profile photos. If this is a separate issue, I can report elsewhere. If its related , I can just tell them to wait a bit. THANKS.

This is the same issue. You can tell them to wait for 2 hours or so as the fix is on its way.

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